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to women of Chernobyl destiny it is devoted

"To both dead, and to alive, and to not given births my fellow countrymen…"
(Taras Shevchenko)

Chernobyl. This word for each inhabitant of the Earth today symbolizes all aspects of the Chernobyl accident, from the moment of which the new post-Chernobyl era of a planet Earth began. But in the beginning of 70th years of the last century the name of a small ancient town of the Ukrainian Polesye (about 14 thousands population) have simply automatically passed to the name of one of the most powerful atomic power stations of the former USSR, because Chernobyl by will of a Central Committee of the CPSU appeared by the nearest the regional center (18 km) at construction of this station. The station and has remained Chernobyl atomic electric station (ChAES) of name of V. I. Lenin, though very soon absolutely close to it (only in 2 km, and on a straight line – in 1.5 km) the modern city of regional value Pripyat (more 50-thousand population) has been constructed.
However a management of the former USSR intentionally has not recollected Pripyat in the first years after the Chernobyl accident, because of not normative affinity of the city to dangerous object. Therefore, for a long time after fatal April, 26, 1986, few people in the world and even in Ukraine knew about city of Pripyat. But the word Chernobyl (1) became known to all and it became not only by the common noun as chorna byl' (black reality) of the mankinds of XX century, which has focused in itself all complex of problems and troubles of the last millennium, this word in the certain mystical way responded a bible's apocalyptical warning (2).
And how much a lot of films were made already, how a lot already was written and was told about Chernobyl catastrophe, this many-sided theme will be inexhaustible until the human genus will not learn all lessons of Chernobyl to the full. – If will have time, certainly. In fact the learning of mournful lessons can and to not be at all, because of the next increase of activity of the international nuclear lobby, which use world oil crisis for full reanimation of atomic engineering and for its full-scale expansion to all anglesof the Earth, including huge plans of construction of new nuclear stations in our already injured from Chernobyl Ukraine. Construction of 25 nuclear stations is planned even on small Australian continent (3).
Using controllable by them the International Agency for Atomic Energy, (IAEA) and the World Health Organization (WHO) (4) – for the sake of momentary benefit, as expected superprofit for separate persons and corporations – nuclear lobbyists are ready not only criminally to underestimate consequences of the biggest technological accident, they would like, that the word Chernobyl has been erased from the mankind's historical memory.
But, as is known, who does not study on mistakes of the past, will be again and again "to step on the same raker".
That is why today still remains topical a problem for humanists and all people of Good Will to continue to call inthe Chernobyl bellthat tomorrow it has not rung out about everyone living on the Earth.
Clearly, that is impossible by one article to grasp all immensity of Chernobyl problematics. Therefore, at the request of the doctor of philosophy, professor of intercultural and international communications at Free University of Barcelona, the founder and director of the First international Center of Women's Memoirs Natalia Fernandez Diaz (5), in this article I only shall try a little bit to illuminate one of almost unknown sides of this tragedy the theme of too hard burden of the women "singed" by Chernobyl...
Except for surprising female histories (especially up to depth soul touching confession of Lyudmila Ignatenko's) in "The Chernobyl prayer" of Belarus writer Svetlana Aleksievich (low bow to her from all Chernobyl victimsfor this truthful Chernobyl annals, though short), it is possible to name only the story "The woman in the Zone" of Ukrainian writer and poetess Svetlana Jovenko. To a word, it would be good to devote the separate book to these wonderful creative women (6), and also to the known Ukrainian poetess, researcher of a history and ethnography of Chernobyl Polesye Lina Kostenko and to still many women, creativity and life of which appeared closely connected with Chernobyl…
Certainly, the female destiny cannot be separated off universal destiny. However, among other, Chernobyl accident has confirmed also still one axiom that all burdens and life troubles always in the greater measure lay on female shoulders.
How much were how much are now and how much still will be such Chernobyl women? Hundred thousand? Or maybe millions (?), if to take in attention of all: and nowadays living (is more true, who hardly survive); and those who already not suffer any more as has left in other world; and those who else can be born with the insidious Chernobyl gene; and those who could not be born because of this inescapable trouble never…
I think, many novels will not suffice rather full to consecrate even a female theme of over-all Chernobyl problematics, in fact each separate female share is unique and tragic in own way.
Therefore I shall not stop now on destiny of thousands the women working on the liquidation of consequences of accident (LCA) on the Chernobyl atomic electric station (ChAES), the functions of which basically included sanitary, medical and food service of participants of liquidation ("liquidators"). In fact, only military men, on the official data of the Ministry of Emergency Measures of Ukraine, 600 000 officers and the soldier of urgent service and who was mobilized of a stock have been involved on LCA on the ChAES (7), it not including workers of station and civil persons.
However work of women there – in the hottest points of a Chernobyl trouble – was not less dangerous and heroic. This rather important and extensive theme also still waits for the researchers and writers of annals...
Especially, I shall not mention a theme of visiting women of easy behavior (prostitutes), which, by stories, was a lot ina zone in the first year after Chernobyl accident.
However, it was the standard situation inherent in anymilitary campaign, as on the acuteness, danger and extremeness Chernobyl accident by all by its direct participants has been named war (then division of a life has appeared on: before war).
Nevertheless it is necessary to note, that these women also have been subjected to the radioactive pollution and they have suffered no less than liquidators, but, as against the liquidators, the data on their illnesses and deaths (also as the illnesses and deaths of their probable children) will forever stay outside of Chernobyl statistics. But I'll not write about these"heroines of invisible front"only because I could not meet personally anyone of them, and to describe documentary events on retellings not in my rules…
In this article I shall try to designate though contours of female theme of Chernobyl by the example of destinies only of several women from my close surrounding. In total several – from many thousand destinies of my sisters on the trouble and fellow townsmen from once young and fine city Pripyat, each former inhabitant of which has own mournful statistics of heavy losses. Only in one entrance of our 9th floor house in the Kharkov area of Kiev, where have lodged a part of the evacuated inhabitants of Pripyat, not any floor, where someone would not die already of a cancer, heart attack, leukemia, etc...
For a long years after Chernobyl we have already got used not only to sharp deterioration of health during the autumn and spring period, but also that the autumn and spring are especially rich on mournful "crop" among Chernobyl victims (chernobyltzy).
And the last autumn again we could say goodbye to three neighbors on the entrance of our house, among which Valentine Rjabuha was – the woman of surprising courage and too tragical destiny, even to Chernobyl measures.
But in the early spring of 1986 she still happily lived in the loved by her city Pripyat, where they with husband Jurij and first-born Dmitrij have moved from a small Ukrainian town with the radiant name Happiness. In 1981 already in Pripyat their second son Oleg was born...
Then it seemed to her, that the life has gone right: the favorite husband, fine family, the reliable friends, interesting work with the decent salary (to the measures of the USSR), the spacious, cozy apartment (to the same measures) in beautiful modern city, and up to a capital Kiev close – "the hand to get" … Only to live and to live!..
But at night with 25 for April, 26 all has catastrophically changed: the accident on the ChAES, almost two day of uncertainty and monstrous alarm for the husband, which has worked at the station at those days, evacuation… The truth, then she, too the workingwoman of the ChAES, has wanted to remain in city with the husband. But Jurij categorically has commanded her to be evacuated on April, 27 together with sons, having told surprisingly prophetical words: "Someone from us should remain with children!"…
And though, as against thousands other former inhabitants of Pripyat, which for a long time and frequently hopelessly have knocked in different official cabinets, the workers of the station already in the first months after Chernobyl catastrophe were provided by a habitation in Kiev, and Jurij, continuing to work already on the LCA on the ChAES, has brought home on those times unusually big money, – the life has broken nevertheless…
Constant her illnesses and illnesses her children have begun, but it is the most terrible that very soon Jurij started to die away simply "on eyes" (i.e. fastly)… Some time he was able to hide from the wife his pain before it became continuous and intolerable… His sufferings broke off her heart (though that courage, with which he beared all tortures of pain, has taught and her also stoically to bear own flours in the future). But nevertheless, while he was with her, the life continued, because he was for her not only the loved husband, the friend and the supporter, he was by the core of family – by its light…
Jurij Rjabuha has died in December 1991 of a cancer of intestine; he a little has not lived up to 42 years. With his death the light in the Valentina's life was extinguished... She so and could not reconcile to this loss. However she still was necessary for children, and now she even more often recollected his words of Jurij: "Someone from us should remain with children!" And she, then – the invalid of 2nd group of ChAES, has continued to struggle for a life of children and with own progressing illnesses. She tried to do all, that in the apartment was cleanly and cozily, and on a table – always was something freshly cooked for loved sons, who as it frequently happens, almost did not notice the pains and sufferings of mother, borrowed with the problems peculiar teenage and awkward age...
And in 2003 the both her kidneys have suddenly stopped work. Then doctors managed to rescue her life, but she has been doomed to have three times a week the very unpleasant procedure – a hemodialysis. However even this vital treatment by means of the device of an artificial kidney for her then friends of Jyrij – veterans of the LCA on the ChAES have achieved hardly, because it treatment was and still is now such the scarcity, just as almost all things earlier were in USSR... And how it was hard for her to reach the urological hospital in other area of city. Especially in the winter when hilly footpaths in territory of hospital became covered by ice bark and to overcome them even by the healthy legs it was not simple, especially by sick legs. She has slipped and fell, silently cried, and frequently has waited some hours that someone from passers-by has helped her to reach to the necessary branch of the hospital…
Unfortunately, I could not help her with it. I only could support her by necessary medicines in the necessary moment (if in that moment I such had) or by the casual help from foreign friends, or the Kiev club of former inhabitants of Pripyat "Fellow townspeople"… But first of all – simply to listen her, as she frequently, by neighbor’s way, came to us that to give vent to soul. Therefore I not once saw her tears of sorrow and despair that she always hid from others...
And as she could be not in despair, if her Chernobyl pension (already the invalid of 1st group), equal then 180 grivnas a month (it was about $35), almost full went on medicines and treatments. Therefore quite often Valentina did not have means not only on a food and training of children, but even, for example, on 100 gm. of meat and other food products, which were so necessary for her organism after of the "full washing" by the hemodialysis.
One day I have met her in the yard of our house when she once again went back from hospital, hardly moving legs. She has told to me then terrible words: "How many we can suffer? Already they would start up poison in our water-pipes and stop our tortures forever!.." Then in the answer I could only joked, having told, that we already so are stuffed with radiation, medicines and other chemistry that now any poison will not take us…
Fortunately, such attacks of despair at Valentina were with time all of less often, and gradually she has learned to overcome even fear of death…
It happened so, that, accepting the next rate of own treatment, I have not learned about critical deterioration of the health of Valentina. And about her new terrible test - the gangrene and the amputation of a leg, I have learned only when the head of our entrance have asked me to help to collect and give to sons of Valentina the money for treatment after this surgical operation. However already next day the inhabitants of our big "pripyat house" gathered money for her funeral… And already in two days traditionally at 3-th entrance of our house all neighbors said to her goodbye, also someone mentally and someone aloud asked the pardon at her that not always could add own shoulder under her excessive burden… And, though it awfully sounds, in this mournful farewell, except of the sorrow of loss, there was also a joyful understanding, that at last she, poor, has ceased to be tormented… The Heavenly Empire for her!..
The nearest neighbor of Valentina Rjabuha on a ladder platform from the opposite apartment Larisa Kovaljova after Chernobyl many years has worked in our polyclinic as the nurse in the diurnal cardiological hospital, where she was the true sister of mercy, helping us, patients, not only by the injections and droppers, but also by moral encouragement – a kind word, own optimism and a radiant smile. Besides, each inhabitant of our entrance and even almost everybody from our 522-room house (nicknamed in people "a small reactor") has addressed to her for the emergency help...
And, certainly, she always, in a neighbor's way, came to the aid to Valentina and to her husband. Once, already after Jurij Rjabuha's death, Larissa has told to me that this Pripyat man had incredibly huge power of will, sometimes even – superhuman… Even in his last days, despite of already the infernal pain, he has refused drugs, and she has pricked him only by simple and already useless anesthetizing…
Then she yet did not know, that in half-year she also should been pass through intolerable test by a terrible trouble. 18 May 1992 Larisa suddenly loses son Volodya (21.03.1975 year of a birth), which had a heart attack directly on the school desk in the classroom – when only several days remained prior to the end of his last school year… Probably, only the one who has lost someone from expensive and close people can present, what then mother felt, to whom at once have called from school and which together with colleagues on the cardiological hospital of 8 more hours vainly struggled for a life of the son!.. And what his little sister Natasha has felt, who suddenly has lost not on age of the quiet, wise and kind senior brother – reliable defender? Also what his father Alexander felt? He – engineer ChAES then still worked on the LCA and which already a lot saw – only for couple of days he became completely gray-haired... This death has shaken also all of us – of their neighbors (who also a lot saw!). Therefore almost all inhabitants of our house and school children of Kiev school № 261 up to a limit have filled then the school yard to say goodbye to the graduate of the 10th class Vladimir Kovaljov before his last way... That day above the coffin of Volodya all cried – from small to great, also the mournful speeches were spoken, and the last school bell has sounded personally for him… Even his true friend – the collie with silent howl has rushed between people, not finding a place for himself from sorrow…
That day the physicians constantly were on dutyalready near mum and father of Volodya, and the car of first aid has accompanied the funeral procession (however, as well as all Chernobyl funeral processions)…
Even later some months it was pain to look on swollen from tears and antidepressants Larisa… But, thank to God, she had husband and daughter, and now still and grandson, i.e. she has those for whom it is necessary to continue struggle for a life… Therefore in the course of time, even despite of Chernobyl physical inability, the vital optimism, and her charming smile have come back to Larisa… Besides, Larisa does not like to speak with strangers about own problems and especially about death of son…
As well as and Valentina Korzh from 7-th entrance of our house. However right after the death of husband Michael (16.01.1955 years of a birth), who died from a cancer of a stomach on April 6, 1993, she was ready to shout for the whole world how unscrupulously and cruelly the official medicine has acted in relation to her husband then.
The matter is that in 1992-1993 in the branch of "radiation therapy" of the Kiev hospital № 25, where Michael frequently had courses of treatment with the basic diagnosis "sharp radiation sickness" and with set of accompanying diagnoses, persistently tried to smooth statistics of serious changes in health of victims of Chernobyl accident.
As constant patients of this branch have told to me (since I also received medical treatment there some times), such tendency began there after visiting clinic notorious the follower of academician L. A. Il'in (8) the professor of the Moscow hospital № 6 Angelina Gus'kova.
Then practically all patients of this branch complained that the physicians want to remove not only the diagnosis "sharp radiation sickness", but also other diagnoses of so-called chronic diseases, the set of which suddenly has appeared at each victim of Chernobyl. In the answer to them then I could advise only that in exchange on removal of diagnoses they should demand from doctors the paper with information that they are "absolutely healthy" and are ready to a work and new "heroic actions"(because those had no the right to give such paper to really sick people)…
To Michael Korzh, who from first days worked as the driver in the most dangerous sites of a Chernobyl zone, including industrial platform of the ChAES, just before his death the physicians of this clinic nevertheless have removed practically all diagnoses, even the diagnosis "stomach ulcer". Also then the doctors have not found in him a cancer, that is why did not treat…
About that – as terribly without necessary medical support and medicines its husband died Valentina Korzh was ready to shout for the whole world right after his death. But nobody has heard her then, did not want to hear… She, who should itself in hardreorganizationyears bring up still small daughter Tatyana, has become isolated, having remained alone with her sorrow and constant grief. And till now she does not want to speak about that she has gone through with anybody from strangers, does not want to recollect... After several tests I have stopped all attempts to arrange interview with her for foreign journalists whom she every time refused, plaintively having asked a pardon at me…
Her neighbor on the entrance too the former inhabitant of Pripyat (pripyatchanka) Natalia Lihoshapka, who has buried husband Leonid, former worker of the ChAES, in 2000 (and she herself has gone through a set of hospitals, surgical operations and X-ray therapies concerning a cancer lactic gland), has still kept a fighting spirit. For the sake of the future small grandson and the son, for life of whom Natalia struggles now, she is ready to tell to everyone who can bear to people the truth about Chernobyl, – and about long agonal sufferings of the husband also dying without sufficient and necessary medical aid from the complicated meningitis, and about own powerless diligence to rescue his or even to facilitate his terrible torments…
The pain of losses… In the course of time it becomes dull. And even those who survived Chernobyl already is not shocked any more by the kind of the yards of our houses even more often covered with funeral colors and already almost passionlessly surrender money for the next funeral of neighbors, – while the new trouble will not be knocked on doors of own apartment…
I cannot forget the man's muffled sobbing, with which Victor Ponomarenko (my friend and the colleague on the Pripyat Palace of culture "The Power Specialist" – "Energetic") has come once in our apartment.
Then he has just lost loved wife Katya and has remained with two juvenile sons "on hands", which it was necessary not only to feed and bring up, but for which elementary female care was necessary, let alone not replaceable mother love...
In 1984 Katerina had only 20 years when she has grown fond and has married the silent musician with the incredibly kind eyes. Though she knew his for a long time since he – the masterly accordionist was the permanent accompanist almost on all children's morning performances, school evenings and other mass actions of city.
His eyes have not deceived her, he has surrounded Katyaby the warmly, care and caress, is especial after a birth of their first-born of Kostya (7.12.1985). Already three together they joyfully met new 1986 and made grandiose plans for the future, which very soon were corrected by the Chernobyl accident in own way... They have passed through its first tests: two days (and nights) of uncertainty – in city, filled with radiation and hearings about accident at the nuclear station (while the government commission searched a deciding what to do with the inhabitants of Pripiat); then – evacuation, homelessness, moneylessness… At last they nevertheless have received habitation in Kiev, due to that Victor has remained to work in a zone. And, despite of the warnings of doctors and familiars, they even have ventured to give the birth to second child. So 1 June 1988 in their family one more son Jaroslav has appeared…
Victor had quite good earnings (on those times), working in a zone by a shift team two weeks there, two weeks of a house. And Katya not only herself with impatience waited for him from the work, but has imparted this passionate expectation to sons. Each time they noisily met the father in doors of an apartment, as the seaman who once again has come back from long voyage… And Victor always tried to bring something to boys and, certainly, to his Katen'ka. Katerina especially loved white flowers, and he brought to her white flowers from Pripyat. During a season of flowering it Pripyat roses were, in fact before Chernobyl accident Pripyat and named city of roses. And in the winter he brought to her the callas from Pripyat scientific-experimental hothouse…
In daily cares of children and on a background of many own diseases inherent in all former inhabitants of Pripyat, Katerina has not noticed, how the fatal illness has crept to her. A cancer of a stomach was found out in her already at last stage... Therefore, when Katerina once again accepted a rate of long and exhausting therapy in one of the Kiev clinics, specializing on treatment of victims of Chernobyl, she has understood that any therapy already useless (moreover, as well as in many same cases, the strong anesthetizing means for decrease of her sufferings not were there also), therefore she has asked for leave home, ostensibly on the birthday of son.
And she managed to make Jaroslav's birthday by real holiday. Katerina has mobilized all staying forces to not show an intolerable pain, and has tried to be joyful till the late evening until then while boys have gone to bed. To not sadden birthday of the son on all his life, she has managed to hold on prior to the beginning of new calendar day... Katerina Ponomarenko has died on the night of June, 2, 1995…
About all this Victor has told to me through sobbing, having visited our home in a month after funeral of the wife to divide with us his sorrow. He has come to us then together with Kostya and Jaroslav – nice, inquisitive little boys, each of which before the death of mum had own children's dream. Kostya dreamed to become the musician, as the daddy, and Jaroslav – by the translator from the English language, which he knew already very much even not bad at his 7 years. But now they in eager rivalry have told to me, that necessarily will become doctors that "to revenge for mum"! – So, childly, they expressed their despair, because they could not facilitate suffering of mum and rescue her...
Now, each time leaving to the shift team, Victor searched for someone who could look after about sons in his absence. He could not give up work in a zone, because to find enough paid job in Kiev it was impossible. Such situation could not be for a long time; therefore he married in some years again. But till now he brings from Pripyat white flowers for his Katen'ka to put them before her big portrait, which is on the most visible place in their Kiev apartment…
Olen'ka Chemezova(23.08.1981 - 3.08.1995) – the daughter of one more my friend and the colleague on the Palace of culture, singer and composer of the musical group "Pulsar" Ivan Chemezov, – was absolutely the little girl when she has arrived with parents to Pripyat from far Ural. But she well remembered this surprising city of the childhood, is especially the concerts of father's ensemble – on city weddings, in the Palace of culture and on the main square of city in days of the mass celebratory actions where mum first carried her on hands, and then – already held her for hand… Besides, Olya with mum were present almost on all rehearsals of daddy's ensemble (since it was the biggest problem of city – to receive a place in a kindergarten, because mainly young population lived in Pripyat and consequently too high birth rate was there). She could touch any of set of the musical instruments in the musical studio, to listen their harmonious or not harmonious sounding, to observe a birth of a new melody or songs… Therefore her natural musical talent was showed very much early and grew together with her. She liked to sing together with the daddy and mum, but most of all she liked to knock on the keys of the old home piano… No, in Pripyat she was not the especial child, moreover she liked all children's games and entertainments. And as she was extremely contact girl she had as friends practically of all children in the yard of the small families hostel in which they lived in the pending already in the near future to receive a normal two-room apartment in new microdistrict of city. And, certainly, the sandbox was by the favorite place of games for kids in the yard. There it was possible to mould by a hands or with the help various forms, children's shovels and plates not only cakes, various figures, fences, towers, but even whole castles...And still there it was possible to draw: and not only on wet sand and by a stick, also it is possible and on dry – by a finger…It was real art creativity. And even not was trouble that every time on returning at home mum could scold for the soiled hands and clothes: yours and your favorite doll – the most active participant of all your games…
When the terrible fatal accident on the nuclear station has happened, Olen'ka hadn't even five years. Certainly, she did not understand the disturbing expectation and anxiety of parents all the day on 26 April and even in the evening when the daddy, as always on Saturday evenings, has played on the next wedding. She did not understand, why someone has woken them at night with 26 for 27 April and they for a long time stood with bags in a long corridor, until then as children who have not sustained pressing expectation, have started to run in the yard, and after children the adults also have gone to the yard…
As the representatives of the Housing municipal office, who have woken the inhabitants their house, did not warn of radioactive danger and that they should not leave a building to go on street. Therefore the adults, dressed in something, were converged in small groups near to the hastily collected bags, packages and backpacks, discussing events of the last day – guessing, discussing and arguing that waits all of them further… Children ran around, playing in "who whom will catch up" and in "war". And the smallest kids, as always, at once have started to potter about in a favorite sandbox, which was only in several meters from the road at the station, on which a second day various special machines rushed "there here", including a cars of firemen and a cars of "fast the help" only is silently, without usual sirens…
I do not know that happened with all these children. But I know, that at the young talented pianist, the winner of several republican musical competitions Olya Chemezova in April 1995 doctors have found a cancer of the back and neck (the exact diagnosis by the results of histology: rabdomiosarcoma – a malignant tumor of a muscular fabric). It was a terrible shock for all family, is especial for Valentina – Olya's mum. How many tears and prayers, how many sleepless nights… How many pain – when already it seems that instead of heart at you only more and more growing rock of a pain, and all around you so similar to terrible nightmare in which you see yourself slightly from the party..., but you hopes still that you can wake up from it… and your dear daughter will be again full vital energy and joy…
That not to repeat the story about illness and death of Olya, which Ivan Chemezov has told then me and our common friend and colleague, nowadays known to journalist Lyubov Kovalevskaja (who too had and has a lot serious problems with own health and illnesses of the daughter), I completely shall quote here his memoirs from her wonderful article "Help the child to die" (9):
"... In a month April there is something fatal... The small tumor has appeared on the back below a neck of our daughter. We have begun to worry and have addressed to the doctor. Us have assured, that it – ordinary lipoma,which should be removed, but the occasion for alarm is not present. We have believed... And time began to work against us, against our daughter – the tumor began to grow and be condensed. When doctors have performed surgical operation to the child they have found out, that metastasizes have already appeared in all her body.Olya asked: "I became ill, because we lived in Pripyat?", "It because of Chernobyl catastrophe?", "I'll able recover?" Only on last her question we could answered: "Yes!".
… The struggle for a life of the daughter began. We rushed to the various Chernobyl organizations and funds, clinics and institutes... But it was vain waste of forces and nerves: the circle was not opened. We did not ask anything supernatural – usual consultations: what to do, how to help, to facilitate sufferings, what medicines are necessary... Olechka's legs became paralyzed, kidneys have ceased to work, the liver has increased, the pains have begun in the backbone. What to do! We not doctors, not experts... I have understood one more terrible thing then: the more sorrow of a person, the more impudently and more ruthlessly doctors extort from him money, they "looks in his hands" though know precisely that can help already by nothing. But they also know another: parents will "remove last shirt" for rescue of the child. I have collided with tens of same parents, who are not losing hopes up to last which know all rates for services of doctors and nurses, all quotations for any trifle, for each movement made by the doctor, though it his direct duties, though he took the Hippocratic Oath... On our terrible way were only two exceptions from this vicious rule!..
… Doctors have expelled us from hospital... To die home. But the daughter had such strong pains, that she has shouted by the inhuman voice. She constantly has needed anesthetizing means, which are available only in clinics. Besides, she was only 13 years old, and she had such terrible testes, which not under force and to the adult. Through kind people we could get in the Ministry of Health, therefore us have left and even have allocated in a separate small room. We did ourselves all: have cleaned her liver and stomach, have healed the decubituses. We have re-read the mountain of medical books and directories in searches of answers to questions, which we have vainly asked to the doctors. Anybody in the branch of hospital, even the main doctor, could not put a catheter! The wife descended at the branch of the reanimation, where to her have shown, – and she could do it from the first time. She for a week has learned all! And I ran on all city in the searches of medicines, cotton wool, squirts, systems for droppers... All these things should be found and bought, as in hospital there was almost nothing...
... They spoke us that pricked to daughter the morphine for anesthetizing, but she had no alleviation and continuously shouted... Girl had not minutes of a rest; her eyes have not closed for the whole week... We knew casually that all time they pricked to her the analginum with dimedrol. When the honest physician has pricked morphine, the child slept five hours... ".
As you remember, the dear reader, family Korzh, family Lihoshapka and family Ponomarenko, as well as many thousand other Chernobyl families, which have lost those years the relatives have collided a similar situation. Similar to Olen'ka, small Oksana Chechko, born in Pripyat for half-year up to Chernobyl accident, terribly died in 1993 from retinoblastoma of eyes; and small Lyubochka Shvydka , who also has been given birth in Pripyat in 1985 and has lived only about two years with the evacuated parents in Kiev, died from the leukemia in February, 1987, etc., etc., etc. It is not possible to describe all such tragedies, which have happened even near us…
And as many similar terrible histories I heard then, including from former Pripyat inhabitant Tamara Golovchak – mother of Mikolka, one more Chernobyl child who has been born in 1988 with mortal and extremely rare up to Chernobyl by disease of blood "retikulogistiacitoz X". Doctors predicted to him no more than two years of a life. It is exactly so much the son of another Pripyat family now living in Kiev, too in the neighborhood with us, small Anton Smyshlyaev has lived with the same diagnosis…
Thank God, – contrary to all forecasts, and, probably, due to our common prayers, but the main thing – due to daily, titanic struggle for his life of his externally fragile, but very strong and courageous mum (by the way, in 1993 she also hardly has been rescued only in Germany after several operations) – Mikolka Golovchak(to which then German experts have not solved to undertake even treatment) still alive, and even tries to receive theatrical education. He tries, because all these years his life was not similar to a life of usual children – his life has proceeded only in a circle of family and in hospital chambers, outside of school and children's collectivities to avoid the slightest infections, able to lead to a lethal final… And in the first years of illness they with mum almost did not leave the walls of the Republican Children's Radiological Center in the Pucsha Vodica near Kiev. Then Tamara was witness of a lot of most severe torments and deaths of practically all kiddies of the hematological branch of this Center, which had treatment near them or in the adjacent chambers – with 1989 for 1992 …
The some people consider, that it is not necessary to show or describe suffering of doomed people and especially of children. Ostensibly it is cruelty to recollect and speak about their pains and their torments… Yes, of course, about such it is hard to read and on such it is hard to look…
Even I, not by hearsay knowing about this tragedy, having heard heart-breaking crying and monstrous shouts of dying children on primer of the next film of my friend, known film-documentalist of the Chernobyl tragedy Rollan Sergienko (10) "Chernobyl. Funeral feast", first have thought – maybe it is really cruelly (?!). But has there and then I have thought, that it – the justified cruelty. Moreovernecessity!..
How differently to inform of all pain and sufferings, which unhappy mothers of dying children see every day? How to show the true face of this tragedy to the safe people? How to be able to knock up to everyone – even indifferent – hearts, including hearts of officials and people of authority, and also to the hearts of all those who purposely or involuntarily plans and prepares new Chernobyles?!.
Therefore I shall continue the story about Olen'ka Chemezova by one more citation from same article of Lyubov Kovalevskaja in which about last terrible tests Olya tells Zhuenya Dudarova (11) – her true girlfriend in Pripyat and then in Kiev – on usual and musical Kiev schools:
"... I visited her in the hospital, sat near her bed and stroked her back, where the tumor was located, she about it asked me. She felt a little better after that. Olya suffered from terrible pain and cried almost all the time. She prayed for help... We could not help... Doctors refused to prick morphine, spoke, that they have not enough and they cannot spend all for one dying... But I up to the last hoped! On a miracle too!.. But these pains... Any sound, even a rustle has caused a pain to Olya. But she did not lose consciousness…
… We with Olyawere friends since the early childhood – it is possible to tell, from the cradle. We together went to the same kindergarten in Pripyat, in the same school to the same teacher, had the general hobby, the general passion – music, together we wanted to go in a conservatory. Olya was extraordinarily talented. In 1993 she has taken the second place in Ukraine. She has played Mozart... We with her were as sisters. Were by the single whole. We could not the friend without the friend.
After surgical operation she has felt better, but only for three days. It was difficult for it to play on a piano, but she all the same played, though was upset very much. She wanted very much to recover faster that to celebrate her 14th birthday, on 23 September. But she has ceased to be on 3 August. And it was so difficult for me to believe in Olya's death.
Last days she, probably, guessed or felt, that dies... Wanted to die faster to get rid of pains. And there and then spoke, as wants to live, worried, as I shall live in this world without her... I do not know, how I shall live without her now. I know that I could never find another such friend. I have lost half of my life, half of myself, half of the world. Why did adults create such a disaster? We did nothing wrong. My friend and I were only three years old when they explodedthe reactor..." …
It is difficult to add anything to memoirs of close people of this surprisingly light girl from Pripyat. Only that I also till now cannot recollect about Olen'ka without tears and without "bitter ball" in the throat... Therefore I was should write these verses devoted to her:
                                            TO AN ANGEL OF PRIPYAT
               to Olen'ka Chemezova – the young, talented pianist
                                                                      died of a cancer in the summer of 1995
Touch the wounded heart
of the city still holding the warmth
of your lost childhood,
of the ghost of an echo of your laughter…

One touch of your radiant fingers
on the dusty keys of the city’s soul,
and she will regain consciousness, will wake up, 
will escape from unreal silence, – 

will start singing, begin to cry, begin to laugh,
the city's polyphonic organ.   
The open heavens will be lit
with a screen of inextinguishable memory.

The darkened eye sockets of dead buildings
will once again be filled with the heat of human beings…
The city will hold its breath for a moment
while you will descend into your house…

And again a thousand voices from the street
will begin to sound the former daily happenings...
as though everyone were alive, and all had returned,
as though the city were still alive…

Touch! Pripyat is waiting for the effortless touch
of those who already in a higher world…
Of you, lovely angel – one of many
such pure angels of His.

Translated from the Russian by Lyubov Sirota and Debra Romanick Baldwin

Despite of so early and awful death, Olen'ka Chemezova till now gives light to everyone who knew her and who only now learns about her. With parents of Olya her photos, video recordings of the concerts with her participation have remained and home video where she still plays on the piano: herself and where she teachs to play small younger sister Katya (1.03.1989 year of the birth) and sings together with her and parents… First year after her death they could not look all this without a pain and despair, but very soon the enlightenment came to them – as though Olya has given to them a sign, thatthereit is good for her, and that, for the sake of her, for the sake of memory about her, they should live brightly and joyfully … And they, already three together, tries to live by sanguineous creative life. Memory about Olya adds the forces to them…
Maybe, her younger sister with time too becomes by the masterly pianist or actress. But hardly she can fill this lost part of a unique microcosm in a circuit of human destinies, because a loss even one talented child can be irreplaceable loss not only for family, the country, but also for all world...
And how many not shown Mozarts, Shakespeares, Rembrants, Koperniks and Enshtejns this harvest have already taken away and still will take away?.. In fact, what numerals would not in the arguments of those who aspires to inform the truth about Chernobyl catastrophe and those who tries to ignore or underestimate its scales, even now – later 20 years after it – still do not exist full and real statistics of its victims.
But even if it would be really possible to trace and fix each victim, any statistics all the same would not be exhaustive as the mournful Chernobyl harvest, unfortunately, will end still very much not soon as this tragedy is prolonged in the far future…
And how many mothers in future the Chernobyl destiny waits still, for whom the happiness of motherhood will suddenly be wrapped up by most awful tragedy. Because is not present on light a greater sorrow, than the sorrow of mother who has survived own children, especially if your child dies in sufferings and at early age. In fact for any mother her own child – always the dearest and the most unique... Certainly, time deadens a pain of a loss, tightens wound, but does not cure, because this sorrow is incurably and unforgettably…
And how, than to measure the sorrow of woman who couldn't become by mother, child of which was not born and will not be born any more ever? AndChernobylisguiltyofit.
Even in my environment of such women it is a lot of. Those whom in the spring of 1986 have compelled to agree on an abortion or an artificial birth, even on a last months of a pregnancy. Physicians then had oral instruction from above – to find and warn occurrence of undesirable facts of a radiation exposure of the population. And they were very diligent…
Once I was by the witness of a performance of such instruction. Somehow in May, 1986 we with Lyubov Kovalevskaya once again came back from the Chernobyl zone (where that spring we went enough frequently for people, which were not trusting then to official mass-media, writing at that time only about "nightingales in Pripyat", but to us,to Pripyat journalists, they told about the most secret) – at the House of Creativity in Irpen' near Kiev (where the Union of Writers of Ukraine – temporarily and almost illegally – has lodged us, then young authors, first us ourselves and then together with our children, and our gratitude to them for these some months of a lifenot in the streetwill be immense always).
Then we quite often came back with any opportunity. That day in Polesskoe our familiar from the Pripyat City Executive Committee placed in this small town right after of evacuation, has put us in the passing car – black"volga", which in time USSR carried only the high heads. And so, when we already almost came nearer to Teterev on the next patrol post (then there was a lot of such posts along road from the zone) a patrol in white uniforms (in what during this period the majority of people working then in Chernobyl zone has been dressed) have stopped the car. They have asked the driver to leave. And while the two patrol man for a long time talked to him, the third patrolman has glanced in interior of the car.
He has presented himself by the doctor and has asked the question, which has stunned us - whether we are pregnant (?). On our indignant bewilderment, – that it not his business, - he has softly explained to us, that in connection with danger of radiation he should warn us, that pregnancy would be extremely not desirable now, and if we have it nevertheless, it would be better to make the abortion in time and etc.
Notice, this doctor did not know, that we – not the relatives of a bosses CPSU, but just casual fellow travelers in the governmental car… So interruption of pregnancy in the first months after Chernobyl accident is not fables.
It happened with several women – my friends and fellow workers from Pripyat, among whom there was also Olga Snegir. But this unpleasant and heavy for many the vital episode for Olya became the biggest tragedy of all of its life. In May 1986 she not only has lost not born daughter, she has lost an opportunity and any hope to have children… And this trouble has remained with her on all life.
Olya was born 1955 in the village Ploskoe of the Chernigov area near to the future Pripyat. To this city, becoming for her fatal, she has moved after Nizhin's termination of cultural educational school. Here in a city Palace of culture "Energetic" she has met the collectivity of her adherents, most of which became her friends very quickly. Here she, then still young and surprisingly beautiful, she could be realized completely as the deep and many-sidedly talented person and the remarkable children's choreographer.
Also just here she has met own destiny – of the young engineer of Chernobyl nuclear station Victor Lunkov… So she, all loved, especially by the young pupils and their parents, has lived in Pripyat eight full creative energy of years, down to the fatal April, 26, 1986…
Chernobyl catastrophe has found her on 6-th month of long-awaited pregnancy … After the artificial removal of the fetus, doctors have allowed to her then to bury already the practically formed baby… Till now Olya cannot forget her own tiny daughter, which she has had the luck to support not for long on hands – though by dead…
The first years after evacuation she unconsciously tried less to communicate with the fellow countrymen, living beside her in Kiev. She always would like to leave, escape, leave far away from everything that reminded her about this trouble. To forget – to not know, to not see, to not hear about Chernobyl nothing… Therefore in 1993 Olga with pleasure has agreed to opportunity unexpectedly presented to the husband to leave in Germany – first on the temporary residing and then and on constant residing, where she continued to be engaged in by a favorite work – by the dance, working as the children's choreographer…
Here again, just as in Pripyat, she very quickly became the favorite teacher for the pupils and their parents… Besides, the destiny has presented to her the acquaintance with one aged German woman, who became the kind fairy for her and her husband. She not only at once has loved and has accepted Olga in own house as the native daughter, soon she has officially adopted her, having given to her the second surname – Wagner. That is, life of Olya in Germany has developed almost as in a fairy tale about Cinderella…
But Chernobyl has a long hand. Illness, which constantly undermined health, with time has taken away at Olga not only an opportunity to dance, but even to work with children… And again the heavy memoirs began to pursue her, especially about the daughter who would be already almost the young girl at this time…
Fortunately, God again grants to her a miracle. Once during the next rehabilitation in hospital she has gone down in a semibasement of the club on interests of the hospital, where amongpile of a stones old German has worked with a new sculpture. He affably met her and offered to try to make something herself. To her surprise, work with a silent stone was that she so for a long time searched. So Olga has unexpectedly opened in herself a new talent – a sculpture.
She has selflessly grown fond, at first sight, unattractive and heavy stone – steatite, which completely has charmed her art imagination and presented to her a surprising opportunity for self-realization. Processing of the steatiterather laborious employment. Sometimes it is necessary to sit months near a boulder to give to it the necessary form, to polish... But this heavy work, on own Olga recognition, has raised "quality" of her life and became small replacement of many years filled with dance: "I puts a part of the soul in each stone and the stone starts to speak..."
For the first time she has exposed her works for the public in Germany in 2002. And already very soon Olga Lunkova-Wagner became a member of the Art forum' 99 in Rejnbah, and then she repeatedly was the participant of other prestigious art exhibitions Germany. In Ukraine for the first time its works were exhibited from April, 25 till July, 2006 at Kiev in the National museum "Chernobyl", where 19 sculptural compositions from the series "Chernobyl", "Movement", "Music", "Miniatures" have been submitted to visitors...
" I think, who had though once has admired their perfection, grace, already cannot forget this stone miracle, surprisingly brightly lit up by light of soul of the former pripyatchanka (inhabitant of Pripyat)," – the assistant of the general director of the National museum "Chernobyl" Anna Korolevskaja has written then about Olga's works.
And not casually just the female theme and a theme of motherhood were by the main motives of this Chernobyl exposition. Generally the images of mother and the child are embodied in most part of the Olga's products. As though she aspires to fill in the not filled soul emptiness, the not incurable pain of not taken place motherhood by these images embodied in a stone…
In that her visiting of Kiev Olga had any opportunity to visit already dead Pripyat, to go in her left house, in her apartment… But she had a pain even when she only began to think of it. As then Olya has told to me, for three months of her exhibition in a museum "Chernobyl" she never could not go on all halls of a museum at all, because the attacks of an asthma began already with first steps even on this abstract territory of Chernobyl catastrophe, and her heart began to stop… Before she even did not know, that her Chernobyl wound, which has left the deepest scar on her heart, is still so fresh and the pain still so sharp. She spoke about the not born daughter with such love and tenderness and with such bottomless grief in eyes as though she has lost the baby not 20 years, and several days ago… On all it is visible, work with a stone brings to Olga not so much rest, how many some oblivion of own pain.
The exposition of her works in a museum of Chernobyl had name – "Scars in a stone"...
And how many scars and rumens Chernobyl has kept in souls, hearts and destinies of millions inhabitants of Ukraine, Byelorussia, Russia, and other countries of the world?!.
Already more two years has passed, as my sister Nadezhda has buried the husband – former lieutenant colonel Anatoly Klopotenko (12) (12.02.1950 – 26.05.2005), but she still cannot constrain sobbing even at a mention of him or of Chernobyl. No, they did not live in Pripyat. Before of the Chernobyl catastrophe they lived in small military town in Belarus where, by the way, we with the son, have arrived after evacuation on three days of holidays (13), still hoping to return to Pripyat...
And Anatoly together on a duty of service with military unit of chemical protection, which he has commanded then, from May, 7, 1986 has worked on the liquidation of consequences of accident (LCA) on the Chernobyl atomic electric station (ChAES), (with a small break almost one and a half year). 24 settlements, which needed to be cleared of radiating pollution, have acted in his order.
Quite often, not looking at threats of the regional heads, he has forced chairmen of state farms to bury tons of the radioactive hay, which they already prepared for cattle.
Sometimes Anatoly was in Pripyat too, as his military unit was placed absolutely close – in the settlement Krasnoe (therefore later, already without irony inherent in him, he has asked me – in which sites of Pripyat and how many time we with the son were on April, 26-27).
Besides Anatoly with his soldiers have performed the works on the deactivation of the destroyed 4-th block CHAES and together with known Management № 605 have worked on erection of a wall between 3-rd and 4-th blocks of the station, where he always went with a dosimeter ahead of soldiers that they received less radiation…
They got the radiation a lot then – sometimes only for one runout on the roof up to 100 BER (the biological equivalent of aroentgen) and more, of course it was on the approximate calculations…They could not know the exact doze, because the maximal mark on a scale of the disposable dosimeter-store was 50 BER. "On dangerous sites this dosimeter "has floated away" and all!" – they spoke then…In result officially to all of them wrote the put doze – 25 BER: and for those, who has died almost at once on returning home; and for those, who died for a long time and painfully, as and Anatoly himself (who, up to Chernobyl was absolutely healthy, but after returning from there some times he was practically pulled out from death by Nadezhda with daughters and physicians…
Last years of his life, when he already hardly could go, when he already choked so that could sleep only a little and only by sitting, for Chernobyl days he suddenly started to act at local schools, on radio etc., to speak about пережитомin Chernobyl as though has felt that will not have time to inform the truth to people. Anatoly has been convinced that it was necessary at once to close the emergency station, instead of to carry out on 70 % useless work and so absurdly to burn young lives (14).
Up to the end of own days "nash batya" (our father), as the soldiers with love named then their thirty-six years old commander, has tormented himself by the another's fault – by the fault of those, who sent there his and his subordinates... of those, who with time has received awards and medals for the "Chernobyl heroism". While very much many true heroes of Chernobyl should been many years go "with a stretched hand", eliciting lawful privileges, should many years lay in hospitals, each time proving, that they are really sick to hear in the answer: "On you it is still possible to carry a water! "... And even after death of true heroes, their mothers and widows frequently do not manage to prove, that their illnesses were connected to works on liquidation of consequences of Chernobyl catastrophe (not seldom medical officials have stamped by the insulted word "radiophobia"(15) of really injured courageous people and often even recklessly careless, while they themselves easily made out Chernobyl pensions and privileges)…
By the way, without corresponding documents there can not be a communication of diseases or of a deaths of their native people with Chernobylat thousands people, many of which even do not guess that their problems with health (also as the deaths of their relatives) are directly connected to consequences of the Chernobyl accident. For example, those inhabitants of Kiev who daily went on a work by the bus route № 46, as in a long tape of the buses which carried us from Pripyat on April, 27, 1986, I have paid attention to a plenty of buses of this route, because before Chernobyl I often have reached at home of my friends living in the area "Voskresenka" of Kiev by this route. And how many a radioactivedirt the inhabitants of Pripyat, happy owners of own cars"zhiguli" and"zaporozhec",have carried across all former USSR, because in the additional announcement about the evacuation the authority have allowed to them to be evacuated independently - to where want...
It is impossible to list all similar not controllable facts of pollution of territories and people populated there, which not brought in any Chernobyl registry. Also my sister, who not having sustained separation from the husband in the end of May 1986 came to the Zone for some days to visit him, was not been added in any such registry. Moreover and not alone herself, but with both daughters Irina (1975 of a birth) and Olena (1979 of a birth), almost as wives of the Decembrists… This thoughtless step even more has complicated their future destiny, because very fast she and both of girls have started to have more and more serious problems with health, every year more and more aggravated, – except a set of suddenly appeared chronic illnesses, all of them had the surgical operations too, and Nadezhda had – already several... She and now requires operation on removal of a thyroid gland, a tumor of both shares of which can appear fatal at any moment, as doctors assert… But she so is tired from hospitals and doctors, is especially for long years of illness of Anatoly that daughters hardly compel her to have even a short course of the vital important therapy.
For the sake of them and of already three grandsons she still continues to struggle for a life. Nadezhda (in translation her name is Hope) any more haven't the forces for a belief in the fine future, nevertheless she very much wants to hope, that its daughters and grandsons simply will have any future!..
Former pripyatchanka Irina Putshtar (1965 of a birth) looks ahead with the big optimism. She is a wife of former liquidator Sergey Putshtar (1964 of a birth), who is very sick and is the invalid of 2nd group CHAES, having already several insults... They have three children, from which younger Alexandra had already surgical operation on removal the half of thyroid gland, when she was only three years old. As Irina constantly gives all her time and all her forces to the care of all members of family, for herself she could not even get a medical card in a local polyclinic and did not address to doctors, until then while she has not felt absolutely badly. Then doctors have found in her the lymphoma, and also still the whole bouquet of Chernobyl illnesses, including the nodular craw of 3-rd degree... But, despite of all tests, which were dropped out on her destiny, Irina never lost hopes and strength of spirit. Cheerfulness and Irina's really improbable optimism helped and helps to survive not only to her personally, but also her family, friends and familiar…
And still to Irina has had the luck to meet kind people, which have supported her family in during the critical moments morally and sometimes financially...
Her family, and still about two tens of Pripyat families will always recollect and bless with special gratitude of two remarkable Bavarian women Johanna Schuhmeir and Suzanne Henning, which personally, and also with the help of their girlfriends from the ecological organization "Mutter Gegen Atomkraft " and from the Ukrainian Diaspora of Germany of Olga Tkachenko, Irina Kozak and others during the several most complex of the postSoviet period of years from time to time have supported the heaviest families by small material aid, and also annually sent a lot of the Christmas parcels, which not only have enriched in those days the very poor Christmas table, but also in literal sense dressed all members of the families…
Thank God in this cold pragmatic and imperfect world we still have many people with hot not indifferent heart (and first of all women), who literally understand the law of requital and mutual responsibility of kindness! By the way, among other, Chernobyl also has shown very brightly this ability of people to disinterested compassion and mercy.
I think that it would be necessary to write the separate book also about such people who could help to many victims of Chernobyl to escape from gloomy despair and the loneliness, to revive belief in the God in their souls and hope on Kindness and Understanding (16).
Unfortunately, the majority of doomed victims of Chernobyl till now can hope only for the concrete help of such kind people more, than on all state and international programs and funds … And, certainly, ontheGod!..
Inna Matkovskaya still hopes for the God and kind people - young mum from family of former inhabitants of Pripyat now also living in our house, daughter of whom Katya was born in the summer of 2005 with the rare all over the world a pathology – the syndrome of Mac-Gune – Olbrajt. Even modern hormonal preparations are capable to detain process of her fast ageing only till three years, farther – a fatal outcome… Our doctors calm unhappy mother by the hope that in some countries of the world already do the surgical operations capable to help the baby, but such operation should be made during the period still effective for the present hormonal therapy. All family of Katya and even their friends and neighbors where only did not address and knocked on any doors… Appeared, that though and is not simply, but nevertheless it is possible to find financial sponsors for the expensive treatment abroad, but it was not found any official of the respective ministries capable to help to find such hospital for the doomed child. The time already almost do not remain, and with it the last hope on a life of the child leaves this family too…
In 2006 the peak of despair of this family has coincided with the next false optimistic estimation of the consequences of Chernobyl accident by so-called experts of the IAEA... Oh, as I would like, that everyone from them – especially their main Moscow expert (8) though for one instant has glanced in the suffering eyes of mum of this poor girl, in eyes then still alive Valentina Ryabuha, in eyes of the young pianist Olen’ka Chemezova dying in terrible flours, and in eyes of thousands people with such tragical destiny… Whether really and after it their hand, not having trembled, would write so false conclusions?!. And it, despite of the shouted statistics of victims of Chernobyl – even formal – which repeatedly would increase, increased on personal mournful statistics of really injured people... However, whence they – satiated and pleased with themselves, writing to the dissertation and going worldwide on various conference and symposiums; they – safely parasitizing on Chernobyl catastrophe can know as simple victims of this disaster hard dies and hardly survives in the conditions of chronically insufficient financing of the Chernobyl laws and programs… In own well-being they frequently overlook, that from tragedies similar Chernobyl impossibly to pay off even with the milliards savings in the banks and to hide behind thick walls of bunkers, rich country houses and of the high State cabinets ... The long hand of an invisible Chernobyl trouble can get them and there, or their children and grandsons…
However, I think, that many of similar officials, having looked in the eyes of victims, would tell that, "as people", they understand all horror of consequences of the Chernobyl accident, but asrepresentativesof the respective ministries and departments, they should tell thatthere were no essential harmful effects at the population evacuated from a zone, etc. Just as in the winter of 1988 on the conflict's commission in Moscow,where"competent people"solveddestiny of our film "Threshold"(17), one of them has told that asthe "usual person", he absolutely agrees with our conclusions and completely divides our alarm, BUT as "the representative of his ministry", he should tell …, and again already usual lie "has poured down from his lips"!..
Similar practice is peculiar to supporters of all inhuman technologies, programs and political systems. For example, in militaristic circles and among supporters of cloning of human there are those who tries to convince all world that and the first and the second are absolutely safe and even can be useful!.. Moreover, already there are such people (or more likely –"nonpeople"), who assert that the Earth easily can to sustain one Chernobyl every year!.. That is equal to the statement, what annually on the Earth it is possible to make about 500 nuclear explosionswithout what essential harmful effects?! Because, on calculations of experts, emission of radioactive substances in Chernobyl was equal to 50 million curie, that is equivalent to consequences of explosions of 500 nuclear bombs, thrown to Hiroshima in 1945…
Actually, ifall this is so safe, whythe WHO and the IAEAhave accepted"Agreement" (4)on nondisclosure of the information concerning consequences of failures on nuclear objects and nuclear tests? What for the authorities of the USSR have made of the secret information on the Chernobyl accident and its consequences(4)? Why till now the main falsificators of theinformation about Chernobyl (4) - are by the main experts of the IAEA?And why the IAEA, contrary to existing experience and the protest of set of the world famous public and scientific persons and the organizations, again compels the United Nations to accept, to put it mildly, not truthful resolutions about Chernobyl?.. The Answer is simple – they had and they have anything what they need to hide! Or maybe they, really so panicky be afraid a panic and themselves suffer by the"radiophobia"? No, they are not afraid nor a panic and nor notorious"radiophobia" ! Actually, they are afraid to lose huge profits, because the nuclear stations directly connected to manufacturing of military plutonium, it – the back side of the manufacture of a nuclear bomb, i.e. – "the fig leaf" for military-industrial groups and corporations which lobby development of the nuclear power all over the world. You only reflect, as far as forward the alternative power would promote already; as far as our world would be purer and finer, if all these enormous means have been directed on development of ecologically safe technologies!..
In the first years after Chernobyl catastrophe we together with the various ecological organizations struggled against the total lie and falseness, against corruption and an arbitrariness of the state system of double standards of the former USSR. And though I till now am convinced of necessity of indefatigable struggle against similar displays in a management of all countries and among officials of all levels, however for postChernobyl years I also have understood, that it is possible to change the governments or even political systems, but always and everywhere to authority there come usual, more often not decent and greedy people! Unfortunately, since times of the Stone Age the human nature has not changed almost. Only now in his hands not a stone axe and a cudgel, and more and more modernized technologies and instruments of mass destruction! Therefore, to change a situation to the best and to have time to rescue the world, first of all, it is necessary to change itself, i.e. psychology of the person. However more about it you can read in my article "Modelling of the future – a reality"(18).
Maybe it is strange sounds, but in this sense Chernobyl catastrophe has also some positive moments, one of which– awakening of consciousness and reassessment of the values by the majority of inhabitants of the former USSR, which has resulted by the disintegration of this huge country of lie and double standards. Unfortunately, still existing lie about Chernobyl till now prevents mankind to acquire all his lessons, and, first of all - necessity of spiritual regeneration of each person on the Earth, about what Al Gore (then still the Vice President of the USA) has told very well in his speech in the National Museum of Chernobyl in Kiev in summer 1998, after visiting dead Pripyat and the Chernobyl zone. And I'm sure everyone who has acquired this main Chernobyl lesson, already will allow tonobodyto muffle the bell of Chernobyl! The calls of the modern world require that today each person already since the earlier childhood has understood, that all of us – in one sheaf – live in very fragile world where everyone should be responsible before all. And that to not repeat fatal mistakes, we, living in the present time and thinking of the future, are obliged to remember the past…
Unfortunately, with every year less and less chances remain at us to record on video or on the paper the live memory of those events. Because all more of heroes, victims and eyewitnesses of Chernobyl catastrophe "goes in the world other". Therefore, for the present not late, it would be good to issue the book of memoirs, like the solid edition about Great Famine-Genocide (19) in Soviet Ukraine, 1932-1933 (Holodomor) – " 33-rd: Famine". The national book - a memorial ", left in 1991 in the Kiev publishing house " Radjan's'kij pis'mennyk" (Soviet writer) in which the thousands alive testimonies are collected. Already one such book will not allow apologists of communistic ideology and so-called Soviet well-being to deny the fact of this monstrous crime against whole folk…
Unfortunately, official institutions all over the world, very much frequently informally engaged by development of nuclear technologies, are not interested in preservation of Chernobyl memory. Andourdescendantswillreapfruitsofsuchunmemoryness
Thank God, we still have hope on our children aspiring to save up memory of Chernobyl catastrophe and of favorite city of their childhood and a youth – Pripyat. Several years ago I have been pleasantly surprised – up to tears when for the first time has seen a site Pripyat.com (20), young organizers of which with such touching love collected everything concerning the Chernobyl theme. Even more pleasant unexpectedness for me was fact that already more two years ago my son Alexander Sirota has adjoined to them too, and now he is the editor-in-chief of the Russian version of it the Internet of the edition. Young enthusiasts of this site have so a lot of ideas, plans and projects for preservation of virtual and real Chernobyl memory, from which became main the idea of giving to city of Pripyat and a zone around of him the international status of museum of the biggest technological accident of XX century. For this purpose one year ago the Internet the project PRIPYAT.com together with together with the newspaper "Literary Ukraine" initiated the petition for rescue of city Pripyat (21). Also on this site already there is a virtual book of memory where memoirs and testimonies of eyewitnesses continue to collect. Perhaps with time, when such testimonies will be collected enough for the solid edition, sponsors for realization of such project will be found also…
Folk without memory, also as the forgetful mankind, do not have future, because again and again repeating mistakes of the past, will lead itself to a fatal outcome. Therefore for the sake of the future of all planet, we has no right to forget about Chernobyl tragedy, "that our descendants could tell though any grateful words that we have abandoned for them not only Chernobyl and bad ecology but that we have abandoned for them Hope…" (22).

When I have already finished this article, Tamara Golovchak has called me and informed that her husband Yurij has died 7 November. The Heavenly Empire for him!
He has died of the extensive insult, though in the last years of his life in the "bouquet" of his Chernobyl diseases the main was the polycystosis of lungs. Notice, he was not smoker, however he has inhaled a lot of radioactive dust, laying pipes under the destroyed reactor 4 of the ChAES in May 1986.
And in some days on all channels of our TV by the next portion of poison for all real victims of Chernobyl the official information on the new Resolution of the United Nations about Chernobyl catastrophe (from 19.11.2007) has sounded.
And though in this article I only hoped through destinies of only several women and their relatives to showthe real faceof this trouble, not accenting special attention on one from the main Chernobyl problems – of "the big lie about Chernobyl", having reminded about it only in Notes(4, 8). Yes, probably, speaking about destinies of the victims of Chernobyl, it is necessary to stop on this most obvious from all negativepsychological factorsof Chernobyl tragedy, which still renderthe irreparable harm to their health.
I shall not make comments on the Resolution, all items of which as if are logical, as well as their decision about the termination of the sponsor's help to the injured countries, which has sounded in the mass media. Especially as for all thesetwodecades the majority of real victims of Chernobyl practically had nothing from all these mythical milliards of the sponsor's help (23).
I and all my fellow countrymen am offended by another – namely by that definition given to victims of Chernobyl accident from the such high UNtribune, and also by the head of projects of the Program of development of the United Nations for the countries CIS Louise Vinton in interview of the RIA of News. And that they again offer us "the psychological help" for overcoming so-called"radiophobia", that I also already mentioned in Notes (4). I dare to assure, that many victims of Chernobyl could also – and completely free-of-charge! – to share with officials of the UN and other people more than twenty years' experience of a survival (as it do, for example, ours colleagues – Japanese hibakusi, the survived nuclear bombardments in Hiroshima and Nagasaki). And notice, – by the experienceof the heroic survivalin the permanent-extreme vital conditions(24), including experience of stoical endurance of the agonal sufferings before death, the examples of which you saw in this article... Yes, whether it is necessary to go far – they (or even much less paid officials) would try to survive, even on my today's (so-called raised) monthly pension of the invalid of Chernobyl of the 2nd group - in 515 grivnas (approximately equal $100 USA)…
In this light simply blasphemy that in the Resolution they suggest us to pass to the healthy, radiologically and ecologically checked up food. While a lot of real victims of Chernobyl would be glad to have even a necessary minimum of the most elementary, even and not checked up, foods (recollect a history of invalid of the 1st groupof ChAES - the deceased nowadays Valentina Rjabuha)…
I very much regret, that my poem "Radiophobia"still actual (15) even 20 years after the Chernobyl accident. 

Is this only – a fear of radiation?
Perhaps rather – a fear of wars?
Perhaps – the dread of betrayal,
cowardice, stupidity, lawlessness?
The time has come to sort out
what is – radiophobia.
It is –
when those who've gone through the Chernobyl drama
refuse to submit
to the truth meted out by government ministers
("Here, you swallow exactly this much today!")
We will not be resigned
to falsified ciphers,
base thoughts,
however you brand us!
We don't wish – and don't you suggest it! –
to view the world through bureaucratic glasses!
We're too suspicious!
And, understand, we remember
each victim just like a brother!..
Now we look out at a fragile Earth
through the panes of abandoned buildings.
These glasses no longer deceive us! –
These glasses show us more clearly –
believe me –
the shrinking rivers,
poisoned forests,
children born not to survive…
Mighty uncles, what have you dished out
beyond bravado on television?
How marvelously the children have absorbed
radiation, once believed so hazardous!..
(It's adults who suffer radiophobia –
for kids is it still adaptation?)
What has become of the world
if the most humane of professions
has also turned bureaucratic?
may you be omnipresent!
Not waiting until additional jolts,
new tragedies,
have transformed more thousands
who survived the inferno
into seers –
Radiophobia might cure
the world
of carelessness, satiety, greed,
bureaucratism and lack of spirituality,
so that we don't, through someone's good will
mutate into non-humankind.

Translated from the Russian by Leonid Levin and Elisavietta Ritchie
And today I address with this my poem to Louise Vinton and all authors of this Resolution, whom, probably, the experts of
the WHO and IAEA have inputted into the error (?!). But most likely, the destiny of victims of this accident are deeply indifferent for them, differently they would be more humane, and did not similar statements which again in literal sense kill the injured people. – I sure that already there are many fatal psychological reactions (heart attacks, insults, etc.) on the account of this – of the next "psychological help" of the official institutions to the victims of Chernobyl.
I shall name only two of many absolutely real negative consequences of similar statements. In first, really the officials of such rank do not know, that each word made from such high tribune or declared by such high organization, is the formal and informal instruction for officials of all levels? So in Ukraine (and also in Russia and Byelorussia) the Chernobyl programs and laws, which and without that annually is reduced, may be folded at all.Thus they not simply abandonwithout their abstractive so-called help of the victims of Chernobyl, which are already today "hardly making ends meet", but in literal sense throw out them for the line of a survival, considerably increasing death rate among the injured population. Second, it’s the real psychological factor. Really they till now have not understood that similar statements render awful psychological impact to real victims of Chernobyl, which factually less than other are afraid the radiation and even all possible stresses. Becauseall these years, to survive, they really use all existing methods of rehabilitation: from "a healthy way of life" (25) and all traditional and not traditional methods of treatment – to the spiritual perfection (by the way, many "chernobyl'cy"in conditions of the atheistic USSR began to be the deeply believing people). And, notice, without the special so-calledpsychological helpof these high institutions, on which, I think, there the million financial assets will be again directed, i.e., as a matter of fact, on their own programs and funds, instead of on the real help to the victim… But the most terrible, that such their assessment and statements once again block a way for simple human compassion, i.e. even for those crumbs ofthe concrete help to concrete victims from concrete kind and merciful people of all world which can believe this lie and not respond to new concrete call about the help (as in a case with Katya Matkovskaya, etc.). So, all these hardly surviving and dying people, are branded by the"radiophobia" once again, again will stay alone with their trouble.
I once again want to emphasize, Sirs the officials of the United Nations, the victims of Chernobyl don't need your mythical so-called sponsor's help, which they did not see and will not see. They even don't hope for your compassion.
But they demand elementary respect for their sufferings and troubles, which you only aggravate by the so thoughtless your statements and assessments...
Moreover, victims of Chernobyl would be very grateful to such respectful international organization as the United Nations if there the Resolution has been accepted on condemnation and even the criminal responsibility of everyone who will ever dare to brand their by the unreasonable and humiliated term "radiophobia"!..
It is necessary to note, that theses of the named Resolution about the decade of rehabilitation and steady development of the areas injured of Chernobyl accident, even within the limits of 30 km of a zone of alienation around the ChAES, practically are do not cause doubts. Certainly, if such rehabilitation will be reasonable and verified from the point of view of radiological conditions in each concrete settlement (because even in the villages remote from station we found some places or a stains with very strong pollution and on the contrary – near the 10 km zone of the rigid control are the villages with more or less normal radiological conditions, etc.). The main thing that they did not aspire to occupy 10 km zone around of the station, which is really dangerous to the residing of people on hundreds, and even thousand yearsin future (26). Especially it concerns the city Pripyat, which, we see, someone also very much would like to wipe out from the face of Earth – that the mankind forgot about Chernobyl at all, and nuclear magnates have continued construction of the extremely dangerous objects on all planet!
Therefore in conclusion of this article I would like to remind once again to all people of good will, including and such a high international organization, as the United Nations, about very important (in ecological, social, cultural, political and psychological aspect) the initiative of the command of the site Pripyat.com and of the editors of the newspaper "Literary Ukraine" about the granting to city of Pripyat of the international status of a City – Museum, a City – Monument of the greatest technological accident of a planet (21).
We would be extremely grateful to General Assembly of the United Nations if this initiative has been added by one of the main items of the Resolution of the United Nations about Chernobyl that our Pripyat still many years continued to be the Reminder and the Prevention from new similar tragedies and catastrophes.

2007, Kyiv, Ukraine 
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 


1. Chernobyl, – byl'nik m., byl' (bylina); byl'ec.; byl'njak`; koniki; budyl'nik`(alarm clock), – the kind of the large wormwood (polun)” (Vladimir Dal’).
2. “The third Angel blew, and the big star has fallen from the sky, burning like the lamp, and it has fallen on a third part of the rivers and on sources of waters. And name of this star was polun; and the third part of waters has become bitter like polun’, and many of people have died of waters, because they became bitter.” (Revelation, VIII-10,11.).
3. On December, 1, 2007 when I have already finished translation of this article in English, my Australian friend Michael Barry has informed me that the new government of Australia under pressure of the public has refused plans of construction of nuclear stations (see Michael Barry' site "The Nuclear Flower"). Thank God! – That though there the common sense has won.
4. See the article of Michael Fernex "The Chernobyl catastrophe and Health care", in which See the article of Michael Fernex "The Chernobyl catastrophe and Health care", in which he has explained why the World Health Organization (WHO) remained absent during the first five after the Chernobyl accident on health studies and in particular studies on the genome and why this Organization still remains so inefficient in this field by the fact that it is still blocked by an "Agreement" signed in 1959 with the International Agency for Atomic Energy, (IAEA). The secret documents of the Ministry of Health and other departments of the former USSR about concealment of real consequences Chernobyl not less eloquently confirm a reality of such criminal "Agreement".
Only some facts from secret documents about Chernobyl catastrophe:
I. From the Letter of the chief of 3-rd Central administrative board of the Ministry of Health of USSR Shul'zhenko№ У-2617 from 27.06.86 "About amplification of a mode of privacy at performance of works on liquidation of consequences of accident on the Chernobyl atomic power station", in which it was recommended:
4. To make secret information on accident;
8. To make secret information on results of treatment;
9. To make secret information on a degree of radioactive defeat of the personnel participating in liquidation of consequences of accident on the ChAES.
II. An explanation of central MMC (Military-Medical Commission) of the Ministry of Defence of the USSR from 08.07.87 205 signed by the chief 10 MMC the colonel of medical service V.Bakshutov, addressed to the military commissariats:
* Presence of sharp somatic frustration, and also attributes of an aggravation of chronic diseases at the persons, who are involved in liquidation of consequences of accident of the Chernobyl atomic electric station (ChAES) and not having attributes Sharp Radiation Sickness (SSS), should not be put in a causal relationship with influence of radiation.
* At drawing up of certificates on illness not transferred in SSS at the persons, who were involved in work on the ChAES, in item 10 to not reflect the fact of involving them to the specified works and the total dose of the irradiation which have not reached a degree of sharp radiation sickness.
This explanation does not contain instructions on the definition of illness on the basis of given research of the patient, and orders notorious distortion of the origins of disease, falsification of diagnostics, and consequently also wrong treatment.
III. “The List of data on questions of accident on the Chernobyl atomic power station, which forbidden to publication in an open seal, transfers by radio and TV ", authorized by the decision of the governmental commission № 514 from February, 29, 1988, restricted the following data:
1. Data on a level of radiating pollution on the separate settlements, exceeding a maximum permissible level /MPL/.
2. Data on parameters of deterioration of physical serviceability, loss of professional skills of the operational personnel working in special conditions on the Chernobyl atomic power station, or the persons involved in works on liquidation of consequences of accident.
IV. The directive letter of the First deputy minister of public health Services of the USSR of Shchepina O.P. (21.05.86 02-6/83-6), addressed to Minister of Health Ukrainian ССР Romanenko A.E., in which it is underlined, that "according to earlier given instructions, to the persons who have undergone influence of radioactive radiation, taking place in a hospital and not having attributes of sharp radiation sickness, must be established the diagnosis "vegeto-vascular distony".
And further: "to the workers involved in emergency works, at reception of maximum permissible beam loading and in case of their receipt in a hospital for inspection to expose also the diagnosis"vegeto-vascular distony"like the practically healthy persons and not to involve them to the further emergency works on a target term".
Thus, Ministry of Health of the USSR, by default, without inspection of patients and presence of the clinical data, without taking into account a state of health and specific features of each of victims or patients as a result of influence on them ion radiation, at absence of data on a concrete doze of the irradiation and a stage of development of illness, in infringement of medical ethics and the constitutional Law on health protection, demanded of all medical institutions subordinated to it and workers to recognize as all their healthy and to expose preset by the ministry common for everybody, i.e. collective, the diagnosis: vegeto-vascular distony.”
I think that such facts don’t need comments!
(In Russian these documents see here: http://x1986x.narod.ru/secret.html, also in the article of V. Yakovenko "Chernobyl: ten and more years later").
In our film "Threshold" (17) there is the episode, filmed in the spring of 1988 in the All-Union Science Centre of Radiation Medicine of Academy of Medical Sciences of the USSR (ASCRM AMS USSR) in Pusha Voditsa (where, by the way, with 1987 on 1992 I also had "the treatment" on two - three times in year). In this episode: sick people have gathered in the yard of this clinic and very emotionally tell to Rollan Sergienko about lie and double standards which reign in this "medical" establishment... I shall not describe all this drama episode (thank God, now you can see this in our film), I shall tell to you only about "personal statistics" of one sick liquidator Nikolay Zhukov, which tells there about, that the military department has taken from their small village on liquidation of consequences of Chernobyl accident a 5 persons (young and healthy!) and that in result: four from them, to whom have written down as much as possible allowable dozes of an irradiation -- 25 BER (the biological equivalent of a roentgen), now are hardly sick. And the young guy, to whom they have written a doze 5 BER, has already died…" Also that now he (Zhukov) - the invalid, has the whole bouquet of chronic diseases and he has named diseases practically of all bodies and systems of an organism…In the conclusion of his monologue he shows the five fingers of a hand and speaks: "Look! Us was five healthy people! Because they did not take to Chernobyl the sick people! And what I can to do now?!. Whonow will take me for work of such sick?!. For whom I ‘m necessary?!...). Soon he too has died! -- The Empire heavenly to him!..
Unfortunately, the majority of true victims of Chernobyl have approximately same "the personal statistics".
6. *"The Chernobyl prayer (the chronicle of the future)" of the Belarus writer Svetlana Alexievich you can see here: http://alexievich.info/booksEN.html#4;
** The author of a story "The woman in the zone" Svitlana Jovenko also was the initiator and the composer of the unique English-Ukrainian edition the book-photoalbum "Chernobyl concerns everyone", Kiev, publishing house "Dnipro", 2000, the interview with Svitlana Jovenko in Ukrainian see here: http://www.umoloda.kiev.ua/number/969/164/35225/;
*** About great Ukrainian poetess and the known keeperof the Chernobyl memory and Chernobyl traditions Lina Kostenko see here: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lina_Kostenko.
7. See the photoalbum "Chernobyl: time of overcomings", Kiev, "Chernobylinterinform", 2001.
8. L. A. Iljin - theacademician of the Academy of Medical Sciences of the USSR, director of Institute of biophysics of Ministry of Health of the USSR. Also he - the main creator of the lie about the medical consequences of the Chernobyl catastrophe and the author of the term the"radiophobia", which became one of main among psychological factors of deterioration of health of victims of Chernobyl... For this his activity for the sake of covering one more of the long circuit of the awful crimes of USSR L.A.Iljin from 1988 became the person non-grata in Ukraine. And now this person is the main expert (!!!) of the IAEA. 
" … Academician V.Legasov told to writer Alesya Adamovichu, that he daily reported conditions on the Chernobyl atomic power station to members of the Political bureau, but their attitude was unequivocal: "Terminate faster there with your accident, – at us here the West very noisy". The governments of two injured republics also constantly reported on a situation there to the Prime-Minister N.Ryzhkov. The Ukrainian Party Leader V. ShCherbitsky asked the help, but his Belarus colleague Slyunkov presented situation there as normal. Not casually in Belarus the evacuation of the population from the struck districts began only in three years after Chernobyl catastrophe. They presented “the tested medicine“ – the lie to population, which was alarmed not on the joke.The CPSU, Soviets and science together bleached a situation. Vice-president of Academy of Medical Sciences of the USSR L.Iljin and the head of the State Committee on Hydrometeorology of the USSR J.Izrael, perfectly knowing scales of disaster, generously distributed the "soothing pills of lie".Even the criminal liability for use by the citizens of dosimeters has been entered, in particular, in time of the purchase of food in the markets and at the shops, that the population could not deny the false data. The government has established fifteen rubles of the extra payment to people living in the infected zones, that witty people have there and then christened as "mortals" (for the coffin – the comment of L.S.). The Soviet authorities have presented the false data and in the IAEA too. They have declared, that emission of radioactive substances in an atmosphere was 3 % while actually it has reached 80 %. Group of deputies of a Supreme Soviet of the USSR have addressed in 1989 to the General Public Prosecutor of the USSR A.J.Suharev with the requirement about excitation of criminal case against those officials, which by their lie have doomed on the silent extinction of people in zones of radioactive pollution. By the end of 1989 the deputies have received the answer-formal reply from Office of Public Prosecutor of the USSR, in which they was informed about the engaging to the criminal responsibility of the heads of the Chernobyl atomic power station (that is - have again punished "switchmen" – the comment of L.S.)... " (N.Mormul " Total lie": http://lib.rin.ru/doc/i/81517p.html).
By the way, after removal of the governmental secret from the theme Chernobyl, it's became obvious - how many harm thistotal liehas brought. In first, inmedical and social aspects– when people have not been provided with the sufficient information and means of protection, and that has considerably increased the received dozes of radiation, besides, thisliehas removed terms of the probable help to victims. Second, not pseudo, and the realpsychological factoralso considerably increased consequences of Chernobyl accident, - it was the notorious term"radiophobia", by which in the first years after Chernobyl catastrophe the official medicine "has branded" victims. Thus, compelling them constantly to prove to physicians and associates, that their sudden problems with health and their sufferings are really connected to influence of the ionized radiation, instead of with their suspiciousness and "stresses". Such necessity daily to prove, that "you are not a camel", distortion by physicians of the real changes in your organism, not sympathy and nonunderstanding of people around you, more trusted to lie of the authorities which generated your trouble and have thrown you alone with it – every day increased feeling of injustice, depression and a hopelessness of the real victims of Chernobyl, and also worsened their health. Thank God, in 1988 the public nevertheless could break this wall of lie and falseness (with the help of our film "Threshold" too), that at once has much more facilitated a psychological condition of victims and has opened a way for from social protection...
9. About Lyubov Kovalevskaya see here: http://library.thinkquest.org/3426/data/emergency/evacuation.html. The article of L. Kovalevskaya "Help to child to die" for the first time has been published in autumn of 1995 in the newspaper "The Mirror of Week" № 43 (see the full text of the article in Russian: http://new.pripyat.com/ru/people_and_fates/2006/01/04/444.html).
10. Rollan Sergienko the known director, the author of the whole series of films about Chernobyl, including our common film "Threshold"  (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=w9v6SQL3ios); about Rollan Sergienko see in the interview with him of Alexander Sirota here: http://new.pripyat.com/en/publications/2006/02/02/525.html.
11. Father Zhenya – Vladimir Dudarov, the friend and colleague of Ivan Chemezov, was the musician of thePripyat musical group "Pulsar" too (a little about the group "Pulsar" see here: ).
12. About Anatoly Klopotenko see the article of V. Krasilnik "Nash Batya" (our father), the newspaper "POST CHERNOBYL", № 9, September 2004, in Ukrainian here: http://new.pripyat.com/ru/people_and_fates/personalities/2005/12/17/389.html.
13. The announcement of the temporary evacuation of the population of Pripyat (as informally they have explained to us then - for three days, but it has appeared for all life!) first time has sounded on a city radio network on April, 27, 1986 at 13.30.
The text of the official announcement of the evacuation was such:
"Attention! Attention! Dear comrades!
The city council of People's Deputies informs, that in connection with the accident on the Chernobyl atomic power station in city of Pripyat there is adverse radiating conditions. The Soviet and Party organs, military units undertake necessary measures. However with the purpose of the providing of full safety of people, and first of all of children, there is a necessity to carry out temporary evacuation of city dwellers in the nearby settlements of the Kiev area. For this purpose to each apartment house today on April, 27, since 14-00 hours, buses will be sent in accompanied byworkersof militia and representatives of city executive committee. It is recommended to take with itself the documents, extremely necessary things, and also the food on the first case. Heads of the enterprises and establishments determine a circle of workers, which remain on a place for the ensuring of the normal functioning city. All apartment houses for the period of evacuation will be protected by the workers of militia. Comrades, temporarily leaving the habitation, please do not overlook to close a windows, will switch off electric and gas devices, to block water faucets. We ask to observe calmness, organization and order at the realization of temporary evacuation."
Audio record of the real announcement of evacuation you can download from here: http://pripyat.com/video/00001.html. For the first time after evacuation this announcement has sounded in our film "Threshold", now it sounds almost in all films about Chernobyl.
14. Lieutenant colonel Anatoliy Nikolaevich Klopotenko speaks about the this fact in film of the Spanish cinematographers "Radiophobia", 2005 - shortly before his death. Lieutenant colonel Anatoliy Nikolaevich Klopotenko speaks about the this fact in film of the Spanish cinematographers "Radiophobia", 2005 - shortly before his death (about the film see here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PegS5_l1BxE).
16. Many facts of the display of high mercy are already described in the book of Natalia Baranovskaya "Ukraine. Chernobyl. The world"(Kiev, Nika-Center, 1999), however, as far as I know, this book so and has not reached the wide reader.
18. About it, and about the Annual International Action "The Saved Planet" you can see here: http://orantas.livejournal.com/13256.html.
19. About the Great Famine-Genocide in Soviet Ukraine of 1932-1933 (Holodomor) and of the millions victims of it see here: http://www.artukraine.com/famineart/index.htm.
20. See about the team of the Internet-project Pripyat.com here: http://pripyat.com/en/team.html.
21. The text of the Appeal to the President, the Government and the Supreme Rada of Ukraine, to the Chapters of all countries of the world, the Council of Europe, UNESCO, the United Nations about granting to city Pripyat the international status of the City -- museum, the City - monument of the greatest technological accident of a planet see here: http://new.pripyat.com/en/news/2006/02/15/560.html.
22. From last interview of our well-known fellow countryman of opera singer Anatolij Solov'yanenko to the Ukrainian TV, some about him see here: http://www.kmu.gov.ua/kmu/control/en/publish/article?showHidden=1&art_id=7339437&cat_id=32672&ctime=1089732951017.
23. For example, even in the first months after accident because of bureaucratic inconsistency we with the girlfriend could not receive even the sum in 50Soviet rubles from the international Red Cross. The truth, then in Polesskoe (where, after evacuation, all Pripyat organizations and the enterprises temporarily were placed) we have received on 15 rubles so-called – "for theelevating".
24. Also us all time try to convince, that after"radiophobia" (15) the main frompsychological the factorsof disease of the population, is the stress connected to resettlement and constant social and economic problems. I not deny presence and influence of all these kinds of stress, however I shall remind, that theconditions of a survival in the former USSR have made people over hardy, especially to any stresses. Therefore people speak: that for the European or the American – will death, for the former inhabitant of the USSR – it's a real nothing! And it – the truth!..
For example, similarly to the majority of inhabitants of the former USSR, before Chernobyl I also had a lot of the personal stresses from too heavy vital situations and problems: from long not having of own habitation and constant shortage of money; from heavy divorce with the father of my son and the search of a new residence and work, practically without livelihood with the small child on hands, (thank God, I have found all of it then in Pripyat) – to my mum's death, which was too heavy for me, etc., etc. Not speaking, about social and political problems, and, first of all - the absence of freedom, i.e. the life in a stuffy atmosphere of a constant hopelessness (who did not live in conditions of full absence of freedom, hardly can understand this permanentpsychological factor, the pressure of which cannot be compared with any stresses and phobias!!!).
And the main thing, at least, three times (not including often crossings on another's, removed apartments!) I have been compelled to change various residences: from the farewell with then loved city of my childhood and youth Frunze (the capital of Kirghizia, nowadays – Bishkek) and the moving together with parents on the native land of our ancestors – Ukraine in 1975; in first in Kherson (where I had too gloomy and hopeless life), and then with the husband – in the nice young city Komsomolsk of Poltava area; and, at last, after divorce – in young, fine city of Pripyat (which I loved at once), where I have moved, having left to my former husband (and his new wife!) just hardly received new apartment …, etc., etc. But all these stresses and problems only have mobilized my forces, activity and work capacity!!! Thus,then I was not simply absolutely healthy and extremely active, – I always knew (felt!), that I can do all is absolutely (from any heaviest physical, intellectual and creative work – up to any psychological and emotional loadings!!!)...
BUT after Chernobyl my life was changed cardinally already half-year later, when I for the first time in a life (except for a maternity home!) has appeared in a hospital (after temporary loss of vision and in a heavy condition) where I have stayed almost three months (and then - constant hospitals, surgical operations etc.)!.. But most of all then I was oppressed even by not various frequently sudden pains, unexpected losses of consciousness and a constant, unusual weakness, -namely suddenly sharply broken rhythm of a life when I have felt suddenly that I can not almost anything (any time on a habit I still promised any people something to make, but even more often I could not fulfill these promises!)... I.e., as other victims, I should was adapt for a new rhythm and new way of life too for a long time.Even now, though I already for a long time have learned to be pleased to everything, that I able to make (even to the smallest!), sometimes I nevertheless have some despair from my ultralow capacity to work now. I confess that this article, which was promised to Natalia Fernandez, I wrote more one year (by small portions and with the big breaks), though up to Chernobyl (or as at us speak, before "war") I would write it only during a pair of nights!.. But, that the most important, I with the great pleasure would spend the rest of forces for realization of creative plans, which much more pleasant and more lightthan the Chernobyl theme. However, unfortunately, constant aspiration of known forces to ignore or pervert a consequences of this timeless tragedy and simple human problems of majority of the victims of Chernobyl practically do not give to me an opportunity to make anything else.
25. By the way, about "a healthy way of life" – among the injured population of people with harmful habits is much less, than even among the usual population of Europe and the USA, let alone Russia and Belarus, which really suffer from these problems (Ukraine, in this sense, does not differ from other European countries). – As the majority even from those from them, who up to Chernobyl hadharmful habits, because of serious problems with health have stopped to drink and smoke (for example, the same Anatoly Klopotenko who up to Chernobyl was the inveterate smoker, after returning from a zone at once has completely refused this harmful habit because of sharp deterioration of health). Probably, the data of the so-calledexpertsabout harmful habits among the injured population are based on their supervision on the "liquidators" and those who now works in territory of the Chernobyl zone. As, not a secret, that from first months after Chernobyl accident there the opinion has been widely distributed that alcohol reduces influence of radiation, therefore intoxication became norm for workers of a zone and station - I also can testify to it, unfortunately! But this fact cannot be distributed on all the liquidators and, especially, on the evacuated population and all injured people, because overwhelming majority of us - peoplewhich are not drinking and not smoking!Even those some destinies of victims,which I have mentioned in this article are deny this false thesis of the Resolution that "a unhealthy way of life, smoking, alcoholismhave the more expressed negative character than the radiation", because almost all heroes of this article even up to Chernobyl had no harmful habits…
26. The table І .1.1 (from the monograph "The Chernobyl accident": http://stopatom.slavutich.kiev.ua/1-1-1a.htm)
Activity of radionuclides in a reactor of №4 of the CHAES at the time of accident
period of half-disintegration T(l/2), day
Power output , МэВ/of disintegration
Activity absolute, МКи


* In the sequence of increase Т (1/2).
** In brackets the half-life period of the mother's radionuclide is specified.
Also it is necessary to take into account, that as a result of accident many new elements were formed. Still in 1988 our Ukrainian academician of biophysical sciences Dmitrij Grodzinsky wrote about it.He named more than 200 elements, but on his opinion the most dangerous from allit's so-called “hot particles” - the alloy of different elements with the plumbum, which by hundreds tons was dumped in the destroyed reactor. Notice, that till now there are only the devices, capable tomeasure only some the radionuclides acquired by the person (briefly living iodine both long living strontium and cesium!). Presence of “hot particles” in an organism of the person (most of all in a lungs) was observed by the Belarus scientists only after death of victims (one “hot particle” irradiates fabrics around of itself up to 3000 roentgens – BER, biological equivalent of a radio-activity), therefore the cancer of lungs so frequently was met at the Belarus machine operators and tractor operators already from 1988, and the more often – than closer to a zone of the rigid radioactive control they worked...
At all it, it is possible to assert that the lie about Chernobyl - really most radioactive element on the Earth!
 © Lyubov Sirota, also see Chernobyl Poems of Lyubov Sirota

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