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International Annual Action "The Saved Planet"

                             AS YOU SOW SO SHALL YOU REAP

           It so was happened, that ominous explosion on the Chernobyl atomic electric station (ChAES) has carried radiation on all globe, therefore the word Chernobyl is known now in all corners of the world, as well as the Apocalypse's star Polyn' (Wormwood).
           But whether all lessons of Chernobyl are acquired? Whether we have seen through his prism out a black reality of our existence and our managing on the Earth?  Maybe only now we start to understand, that all troubles in the world are generated by us. It was pleasant, that on July, 23, 1998 former vice-president the USA Albert Gore, acting in the National museum of Chernobyl, after visiting ChAES and dead city Pripyat, has named our time "the great moment of a choice" and the main lesson of Chernobyl necessity of the cleaning up. "In this sense, he has noted, it, that happened in Chernobyl, should update spiritually not only those, whom this tragedy has touched, but also all of us if we shall take into account the lesson, that all of us are in the general sheaf. The call of Chernobyl will consist in the recognition that now the Earth is in a field of our responsibility. Probably, danger of our newest technologies will lead us back to to ancient wisdom to wisdom of kindness. The survival did not demand it earlier, but it demands it now." Al. Gore has invoked people to unite the efforts that to embody this highest wisdom of the world in new laws and agreements that we have not broken up, have not disappeared, but that we proceeded in our descendants.
          So, today it is already obvious that to live under laws of conscience not luxury, and emergency. And it is fine, that the understanding of the true reasons of our troubles comes and to the authority people, because the idea of a survival demands the general efforts of all mankind, which must become better. 
And it is not casual, that some years ago among former inhabitants of Pripyat (now members of Kiev club "The Fellows Townsmen") was born the idea to give to the world famous sorrowful day on 26 April positive momentum, so that this day would become still and the Day of the Hope on the rescuing of humanity, for which necessarily the yearly 10-minute (from 17.00 to 17.10 on Greenwich) unification of earthlings in the common aspiration to Peace, Agreement, Goodness and Love. And the publication of "An appeal to the citizens of the Earth from the victims of the Chernobyl catastrophe" 28.01.98 (from submission of one of initiators of the action of the poet and journalist Victor Grabovskyj in the newspaper "Your Health" has started the International Annual Action  "The Saved Planet", which already from the first step - on 26 April 1998 - has united hearts of numerous people at the Ukraine, Germany, Austria, Bulgaria, Russia, USA... I think, this occurred because of the gradual learning of the main lesson of Chernobyl - it is that without the spiritual revival the humanity is doomed to the global catastrophe, when whole planet would become "dead zone", as our beautiful Pripyat. However then there will be no place to move more than six billion earthlings!.. 
         I will note, that this Action is not the substitution of the efforts of religious-spiritual, cultural-educational and socially-political organizations, but it only supplements to their daily labor on the cornfield of spiritual renovation, preparing soil for the beneficial sowings.Therefore it is not surprising that in the Ukraine this project found support, also, on the state level. However, sometimes we encounter with the complete incomprehension of importance and practical significance of the action: some people consider "The Saved Planet" only as religious action; others as naive or declarative action; and some as generally unimportant action, because, in their opinion: in the society too many topical problems in order to be occupied by similar "stupidities"... 
         Yes, of course, the vital problems must be solved today, but without forgetting in this case about tomorrow, remembering that all most acute, most topical problems (from the economic decline and an increase in the criminality   to the wars and the ecological and technical catastrophes) have very "long tail"  in the past!.. Layers terrestrial and overground are saturated by the phenomena of human crimes. Epidemics, cataclysms and other troubles physically and spiritually depend on these stratifications. I.e., what we sowed in the past, it we reap in the present!.. And it is not to be surprise, what does occur on the planet, when the consciousness of many people is still not capable of rising higher than the everyday, material needs? For such consciousness it is difficult to understand, that every his thought changes his environment, also that, besides body, he possesses spirit, manages energies, which create or destroy peace around him every instant. Person, who does not think about the highest, turns into the reptile and attracts the lowest energies. Many diseases, many murders are generated by the thoughts of destruction. Thought, this great gift, disappear in the ignorant actions.We are ready to betray even our Mother-Earth, only that not to think about the consequences of our behavior and thoughts. But you see, the spiritual degradation and irresponsibility has brought the humanity into the vicious circle of constant topical problems and eternal fight with the consequences of his own imperfection and nonacceptance of the way of the spiritual renovation, which was indicated by our Saver (Christ) of already 2000 years ago...
          For the people, who not believe in the highest wisdom, for the people of pragmatic I will give some positions of the "noosphere's concept" of well-known Ukrainian scientist, academician V. I. Vernadskiy, which may be as the scientific base of the action "The Saved Planet". And it is nonaccidental among the scientists, who immediately signed under "An appeal to the citizens of the Earth", there was the follower of V. I. Vernadskiy academician D. M. Grodzinskyj.
          Still before the Second World War V. I. Vernadskiy wrote:"Idea about the unification of whole humanity becomes reality only in our time. It is clear that the creation of this unity is the necessary condition of organization of the noosphere of the Earth, and humanity unavoidably will arrive at it". If these words were heard then, as far as would be less the dark energetic stratifications, which cover the civilization from the aid of the high forces now! By the way, other well-known scientist, pupil of V. I. Vernadskiy academician P. A. Florenskiy has named the real existence of the sphere of the Earth implicated in the action of the thought and spirit of human by the "pnevmatosphere". But how we would not call this thin layer of planet ("noosphere" or "sphere of human's thought", or "sphere of the mental energy of the Earth"...), each person today must know that from the quality of his thoughts and feelings, from the orientation of his actions depends everything that  occurs on the Earth. As says the law of Vernadskiy:                               

                              "MACROCOSM IN THE MICROCOSM" 

           Scientist saw the development of biosphere as the Great Process, which occurs (is unwrapped) in the Spatial Time's system of the Earth, which is the spatial-time (ST) reflection of still more Majestic Process, which is unwrapped on a scale of the Universe, by the reflection of its evolution. I.e., "Cosmos models the face of the Earth". In turn, the pathological breakdowns of the space code in conditions of the Earth negatively affect space processes, because there is a constant interdependence of space hierarchical chain (SHC) and biospheric hierarchical chain (BHC). Direct and feedback include information, energy and material interactions, by means of which occurs the hierarchical exchange of information, by energy and by substance. In this diagram the existence of steady hierarchical dynamic balance (homeostasis) both the separate components and entire chain as a whole, is possible. This makes possible: from the united positions to examine the problems of the protection of biosphere and Space from the pollutions at the material and field levels. All forms of pollutions are manifested in the damage of information, energy and material structures SHC and BHC, which leads to the breakdown of homeostasis, to a change of the ST's parameters of components. In the system deduced out from the state of dynamic balance, the pathological processes ("diseases") begin (similarly how this it occurs in the organism of the human, who is one of the components of this chain). There is a critical threshold of the unbalance, after the exceeding of which, the mechanisms of the intensive correction of the pathology of component are included, for the purpose of bringing its parameters to the values, which were determined by the condition of dynamic balance. The processes of this type can be unexpected (for example, for the population of humanity) and to break all forms of the informative, energetic and material organization SHC BHC in the accelerated rate.
         Easier speaking, all of the negative processes on the Earth are caused by pollutions at the physical and spiritual levels. Unless already today it is not obviously that we humanity already have brought the planet to the critical threshold of unbalance?
         This is why, so it is important that we would able to oppose the inertia of lack of the spiritituality by the directed salutary collective energy of humanity, which is absolutely capable of real improving of a qualitative condition of the thin layer of planet, that, in turn, will positively influence the moral-psychic and physical health of each human. As a result everything win and people, and society, and nature, since it will be less errors, less the consequences of unreasonable actions (from the household and the technological levels to the political and planetary levels).
           Thus, the thought about the spirituality must enter into the life as the true understanding of the bases of Existence. The God spark of each person can burn into the flame, if your will can aspire to the confluence with the Highest Will. The will, directed toward the unity with the Highest Will, acquires the power of magnet, capable of indicating and of affirming the best life, and attractes for that all necessary energies. Thus, after changing the priorities of values, humanity can restore the dynamic balance of the system of the Earth. You see, the thoughts, ideas and aspirations of people are materialized! I will give only an one example of the heritage of academician Vernadskiy's, who wrote long before the launching of the first artificial satellite of Earth: "We see in our social medium the spontaneous tendency of some personalities in the real dreams and actions to be pulled out from our planet, to penetrate on the constructed apparatuses beyond the limits of the Earth, into other worlds of the Cosmos. It is necessary to think, this spontaneous tendency will be embodied into the actual results sooner or later".  

          Thus, in light of the scientific concept of V. I. Vernadskiy, International annual action "The Saved Planet" can be considered as one of the forms of the collective influence of humanity on the harmonization of noosphere and biosphere of the Earth, one of the forms of the practical simulation of future! This is the real embodiment of the long-standing tendency of scientists to connect the achievements of science with the mass movement for peace: the sphere of intellect with the sphere of peace...
        I hope, these arguments will convince even skeptics, that the idea of survival requires the spiritual sanitation of humanity. However, to person with the sensitive, wise heart there is no need to go deeply into scientific reasonings, he understands this spiritual process as the need to live by the conscience, bring up in himself salutary virtuous qualities, the main things from which: Kindness and Love (from the love to the neighbor gradually approaching to the Divine Love).

                                    LOVE WILL RESCUE THE WORLD     

         In this eternal truth are placed the basic principle of the renovation of world; the key, capable to open for humanity the gates into better future.Taking into account the judgment, that before death of human, the Highest Wisdom may be opened to him, I will give the fragment of the last interview of still one our famous compatriot - of operatic singer Anatoliy Solov'yanenko: "Love must  move the world!.. Beauty, Love and Kindness must save world, because human cannot live in the encirclement of evil, enmity, envy, of all that creates negative fields around us. That be must not! And spirituality must be brought up in us! So, what in future our children could say the grateful words to us for the fact, that we have abandoned to them not only Chernobyl and the poor ecology, but that we have abandoned to them the Hope!... We are obligated to be penetrated by thought about the need for radical changes, to care that our spirit at last would begin to shine, that he would rise high above the all of this and would say to us: Lads! People! Where you do go? You should go in this way, that you would feel the Joy of the life!.."
          As these words similar to the words from the letter of American writer Douglas Lamb of one of the devotees of action "The Saved Planet": "I want so strongly, that the life in this world would become better! And I always have astonished to the thought, what this is in no way difficult to make it is necessary only so that all people would respect life, would respect each other and would value this excellent planet!". Douglas also reported, that he made copies of the materials of the action and sent to their different public and religious organizations (first of all, to the Ukrainian orthodox and Ukrainian Catholic Churches of Boston), and also in the newspapers, including Russian and Ukrainian newspapers in Boston and New York DC. "This is excellent idea directional effect of prayer, since the Lord always answers all prayers!" he noted, naming action "The Saved Planet" as "The Day of the Universal Prayer". And this is very exact determination!
         Sensing the smile of skeptic, I must say, that it is not worthwhile to see a prayer as abstract concept, because the prayer is  bridge, which connects man with the Highest World, it is a conductor to the Highest Paradise. The streams of beams of the interested heart have the fiery qualities, capable of saturating and of cleaning the space. The properties of strong magnet are inherent in a prayer, its action attracts from the space the best energies and possibilities...
         The antipode of prayer ribaldry as other negative manifestations, on the contrary, creates the unique dark magnet, which disturbs and pollutes the space. Blasphemy and ribaldry their consequences is much more dangerous than the ejections of the poison gases of technologic productions, since generates terrible spiritual destruction, to say nothing of the diseases, connected with the breakdown of the atmosphere. But more terrible than all illnesses there will be the destruction of thin near the planetary layers. That is why the prayers and good thoughts are so much necessary, that to fill these precipices and ulcers of space!..
The power of thought energy is the mystery, about which the wise persons of all times and peoples have reflected. People, at last, must understand that their energy gives enormous consequences; that the potential of a thought, entrusted to each, can be used wisely and thriftily for the good of the world; or stupidly and common wastefully into the harm to all on the Earth. Thus, a prayer can be great experience and proof of the highest manifestations of a Spirit. When we speak the prayer, we bring space benefit to the world. When we are gathered together for the unification of thought, we are gathered for the common Goodness (for the common Blessing), because a high thought is akin to a prayer. The thought about the Goodness is a happy thought, because every good thought give the best fruits. As lightning, piercing the lowest layers, such thought rises to the spiritual layers and comes back with clean energy of Highest spheres, which shields human from the negative influences. This is why so it is important to each to wake up in the heart the highest aspirations, because the energies of the Space are subject to the powerful influence of these beams streams of heart. The conscious ratio of each to the own Highest beginning can give a base for the new world.The awakening of spiritual forces will help to humanity to leave from the blind alley, spiritual sanitation will give to the world the highest energies, necessary for constructing the best future.

                                        DIO VEDE DIO PROVVEDE

           "God sees God will ensure it ", so has responded about the action "The Saved planet" professor Ugo Persi from the University of Bergamo, which has translated in Italian "An appeal to the citizens of the Earth from the victims of the Chernobyl catastrophe" and transmitted it to ecological association LEGAMBIYENTE (league of medium), which has centers in 15 cities of Italy.
          And the first active devotees of this idea from the Washington University: professor Paul Brians, who already some years ago has introduced this "Appeal to the earthlings" in internet, and professor Birgitta Ingemanson have continue to distribute"Appeal" and the special the invitation to the next meeting in April, 26 at 9.00 on local time(at the library of their University (in Pullman) or at the square of the Friendship in the town Moskov of the state of Idaho, USA...),  and with the request to those who can not come, at fixed o'clock to join the action mentally. Birgitta Ingemanson, telling as inhabitants of these cities have sincerely responded to an appeal to unite the positive energies, quotes a fragment from the letter of father David Rozidzha: "Thanks you for the invitation to join you in Day of Memory and Hope. I shall be happy to carry out the prayer April, 26... This noble business. As our poet Tenison spoke: The more actions and the more prayers and we shall pull out the world of dream from fetters of indifference...".
And in the 2000 year Debra Shubert from the city Spring Lake of the State of Michigan, USA has responded on the "Appeal of the victims of the Chernobyl" so: "My reason and my heart are filled with a pain from thought about Chernobyl and about that how many evil the people do each other?!. But among all this tragedy I hear your words of Warning and Love... Henceforth annually April, 26 at the specified o'clock I and my family will join to a Universal prayer by all means. We shall pray for the rescue of our planet. Probably, all of us together will able to implore a pardon for our unjust acts and to return to the all of good and kind. Peace with you!..".
One more the propagandist of "The Saved Planet" in USA a student of the University of the State of Wyoming Kim Henry also one day has found this "Appeal" on Web pages of the professor Paul Brians and has responded on it by her poem "Life":
                     "You ask me about all the darkness in the world                     
                     I turn around quietly and tell you
                    that there is a dazzling brilliance
                    in the midst of this darkness
                    a sparkler found in the blackest night.
                    The spectacular blazing light of kindness between two,
                    touch gentle one to another,
                    love enduring and strong,
                    beauty a soul's captive music filling our being's fiber                    

                    art creating the heart's beat sweetness of life...
                    and it is all a matter of where your heart chooses
                    to find itself,
                    and where your soul's vision seeks.
                    You asked me."

         And Dr. John Griffiths from the Pontyclun (UK), still in 1999 having found the "Appeal to earthlings" in the Internet, has introduced it to the parishioners of the church of St. Pavel, that pushed slightly people to the collection of means for the invitation of children from the Belorussia into the Pontyclun to summer leisure and treatment. Furthermore, on 25 April 1999 in the church of St. Pavel was the Sunday prayer, dedicated to 13-th anniversary of the Chernobyl catastrophe, during which was read and transmitted to each parishioner the text of  this "Appeal" so, that all inhabitants of city each year on 26 April in the assigned hour have joined to the common  prayer of earthlings.
              Same prayers occur and in Germany, where the number of the religious, ecological and public organizations, which support this Action, grows annually. About that ecologists Johanna Schuhmeir, Suzanne Henning from Munich ecological association "Mutter Gegen Atomkraft" ("Mothers against nuclear power") and one of the first active propagandists of this project professor O. S. Omelchuk from polytechnic university of Kiev have reported to us. Olga Sergeevna has involved in this project of the friends in Germany: former minister of culture of GDR Osvald Vutske; Tatyana Ignatovich-Nich, who sponsors "Red Cross" in Cologne; pastor Marianne Kvakborner from Frankfurt-on-Maine; Manfrad Boerle, who coordinate effort of association "Human and an environment"; Mariana Ostrovska from Braunshvaig, who has informed, that pastor Jogan Kon has read to parishioners of their city "Appeal of the victims of the Chernobyl"... Besides, she has connected the students of her University to this Action, as well as the teacher of the Ukrainian literature of the Kiev State University of T. G. Shevchenko the doctor of philology Anatoly Tkachenko, and the doctor of psychology of Moscow University Adol'f Harash, and the deputy director of library of Novosibirsk University Lyudmila Distanova. Two years ago teachers and students of the Kyivo-Mogiljanska Academy have joined them.  Thus, the original spiritual string is formed between students of American Universities of States Washington and Wyoming, of the Italian University of Bergamo and students of the Ukrainian and Russian universities...
Besides, in Russia known writer Grigorij Medvedev and the author of the whole cycle of films about Chernobyl (among which the film "Threshold", known film director Rollan Sergienko, last film of which "Chernobyl 2001. The Testament." has finished by the "Appeal to the citizens of the planet" have supported actively the action "The Saved Planet". He very much hopes that mankind will able to hear this voice from dead Pripyat.
           In Asia the project was supported by the World Spiritual University Brahma Kumaris (India) and a society of victims of nuclear bombardment of Hiroshima "Juno" (Japan). Besides, Japanese "hibakusya" together with former citizen of dead city Pripyat from the Kiev club "The Fellows Townsmen" and with their friends from Germany make a lot of additional projects to the action "The Saved Planet" and have many new plans for it. Natchapton Manakisha from Thailand also assures the people from Pripyat, that they are not lonely in aspiration to help planet - he with friends from the bottom of heart supports them. And the editor-in-chief "Thick Magazine of the Central Asia" Michail Ozmitel from Bishkek one of first has published the materials of the Action on pages of the electronic version of this magazine.
         Students Juha Tolonen (from Australia) and Kate De Bruin (from Finland), who have visited the Chernobyl zone and dead Pripyat some years ago, also have assured the Pripyat people, that now they together with the friends join the action "The Saved Planet" too.  In last year the message has arrived from New Zealand from Solveig Bodley, in which she has informed, that all her big family and friends annually April, 26  also will connect energy of their hearts to energy of hearts of all, who wish the best future to our planet Earth.
         So, with every year the geography of "The Saved planet" more and more is enlarged. However, this important action will become valuable, the having significant practical effect only, when it envelops the large part of humanity. It is understandable, that the united efforts of all society, state and international organizations, all people of the good will are necessary for this!
However whether this Action will rise to the ponderability of the Day of the Universal Prayer already in this year or within the next few years, depends precisely on you, the dear reader! Please tell about it to your family, friends and familiar, read to them "An appeal to the citizens of the Earth from the victims of the Chernobyl catastrophe". And on 26 April (yearly!) from 20.00 to 20.10 on the Kiev time (from 17.00 to 17.10 on Greenwich), please join to it (with setting fire to candles) in the family circle or friends, in the temple or only in private with yours conscience and with Most High. Let, at least by several minutes, that  we all together could feel mankind by the united God family, where each is responsible for each and for the state of our common house the Earth! And, God will give, we will deserve the best fate.

Kyiv, 2006

© Lyubov Sirota   

Dear Friends! Please remember - every year 26 April in the Day of Remembrance - Day of Hope we have the International Annual Action "The Saved Planet":  
Press release   


This is the video of "An Appeal to the citizens of the Earth from the victims of the Chernobyl catastrophe" (in Ukrainian), which was been made and for the first time been shown still in 1998 on one of channels of the Ukrainian TV by known Ukrainian TV journalists Andrey Tzaplienko and Ruslana Pysanka.
The text of this Appeal in English please see here:

Whoever you are – powerful or homeless, servant of God or sinner, well-known scientist or with little education – hear this Appeal from dead Pripyat - of the epicenter of the Chernobyl catastrophe!
         Look around you! Earthquakes and floods, tidal waves, tornadoes, and fires; ecological catastrophes born of technology; wars, ethnic and religious conflicts; cruelty and aggression; the spread of diseases and a decline in morals – all of this is our own doing. It is a result of our lack of spiritual values. All of us – the people of the Earth – with our excessive behavior, dark thoughts, false ideas, and depraved actions have brought our planet to its last boundary, beyond which is ruin.
       And no one will save us, except the Highest. But even the Highest cannot help us unless we repent, and only if we want to help ourselves and every living being on Earth.
We cannot rely on the politicians; in the political arena all noble endeavors seem destined to result in controversy. But we can all together take that first step on the path to Salvation.
          Recall, each of you, if there wasn’t just once in your life an occasion when your sincere, heartfelt prayer (or concentrated thought and glorious feeling) helped you in a most wondrous way.
And now imagine what kind of force it will be if all of us – more than 5 billion people on all the continents of the Earth – at one and the same moment lift our eyes to the heavens and send to the Supreme Being, to the Highest Reason of the Universe, a universal, powerful stream of bright energy of Goodness and Love. It will be a first small step toward purifying the space surrounding our planet –  its biosphere, as well as the sphere of human action through thought – of the dark destructive energy that is filling the atmosphere of our planet!
         Let April 26 from now on become not only a Day of Sorrow and remembrance of the ever growing numbers of victims of Chernobyl, let it also become a Day of Unification of humankind as we face the threat of self-annihilation, and a Day of Hope for our salvation.
                So little is asked to make this happen-just do not forget:
                                             every year on April, 26
                                 from 5 p.m. to 5:10 p.m., Greenwich time
   [= 9 - 9:10 a.m., US Pacific Daylight-Saving Time; adjust for the time zone where you are]:
                  stop, if you are on the road; wake up, if you are asleep;
                              lay down your weapon, if you are at war;
            put aside for ten minutes all your worries, problems and sorrows;
and find in your heart all the brightest, best feelings of which you are capable.
  •    If you are a believer, turn with your sincere, heartfelt prayer to God (in your own language, according to your own traditions); may this include your worship to the Highest, your repentance for voluntary and involuntary sins, a prayer to purify and save your soul, to purify and save our planet and humankind, and a prayer of gratitude to the Lord for his mercy.
  •   If you do not believe in God, then devote these ten minutes to good and bright thoughts: remember everything that you love, all those whom you love in this world; sincerely repent of bad behavior; wish that you will become better and purer, that you will love and help those close to you (even if only one living soul); with all your heart, wish for Good, Happiness and Peace to all people on Earth and in the whole Universe.
        It’s not difficult, Citizens of the Earth! Do it! And may the Supreme Being hear us, oh People. 
Translated by Birgitta Ingemanson and Gitta Bridges, March 1998
We ask all humanitarian, cultural, religious and public organizations, all people of good will to promote distribution of this our Appeal.


Contacts in Kyiv:
(044) 534-43-32 – club of former inhabitants of Pripyat "Zemlyky"/ "Countrymen"(now it's - Public organization of Chernobyl victims  "Zemlyaki") (zemlyaki_tamara@hotmail.com);
(044) 296-84-69; 296-47-34 – children's  fund of international organization "Union Chernobyl";
(044) 417-54-22National Museum “Chernobyl”;
+380636051575 – the command of the internet's project Pripayt.com: (http://pripyat.com/en/team.html);
+380504693307 – t
he social and ecological association of independent artists "Strontium-90" (alex@breus.net) 

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